A Year in Review

It is New Year’s Eve and many of my friends are spending time reflecting about their lives and setting goals for the New Year. I have never been good at reflecting or goal setting. I am a leap and look kind of a girl. I mostly enjoy my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants nature except when it bites me in the pants. In an effort to conform, I have been thinking all day about what goals I should set and reflecting upon the ups and downs of 2009. Thanks to Facebook, my year has been recorded in snapshots composed by me every day of this year. I do have a journal, but these little bite sized tidbits summarize my life so well.

I have learned a lot from my status updates. Aside from the fact that :) is apparently my favorite punctuation (I have got to stop doing that so much). I can find a reason to crack a joke on my worst day. My ability to laugh has definitely helped me maneuver through my challenges. I am clearly, very much in love with my husband and I enjoy having him in my life. My children are my constant joy. Even, when they are not. They give me a reason to laugh every day.

I am growing my business, learning and facing challenges everyday. And, despite my busy schedule, I still find time to work on assisting those less fortunate than my family. This last part makes me very proud. Until I read my past notes, I felt I had not done much this year. Although, my “much” could have been more, I am satisfied that I am still trying.

If I had to choose one goal for this year, devoid of any fear of failure or jinxing myself, I would wish for more time with those that I love. Face to face. Not online or through phone calls. Me and you, in my kitchen over a cup of coffee and warm muffins. Call me and we will set that up! :)

Oh, darn it. I did again!

Here is a list of my favorite posts that detail some of our best moments…


  • is watching Levi kick his feet like he just discovered them :)
  • is planning to celebrate the Inauguration with her beautiful boys tonight.
  • is glad she took some time to pray this morning. It really does make all the difference.
  • is just getting home after speaking at the Global Oppression Film Series. Don’t miss the next one at Barefoot Church!
  • is wondering if my kid is the only one to poop in his pants in the McDonald’s playland. Lord help me, it’s one of THOSE days.
  • is surrounded by handsome men on Valentines Day!
  • is dancing it out with her boys. Thank you Grey’s for our new family tradition;)
  • is happy for her big boy who was just invited onto the boys gymnastics team!
  • is surprised that after a night out to the movies my husband still had flowers waiting for me. They all picked them out!
  • is back in Lansing after a power Darfur meeting.
  • is changing into something raggity so I can get dirty at my tile installation seminar;)
  • is headed from Beaners to a STAFF meeting! We have staff;)
  • LMAO watching my boys watch America’s Funniest Home Video’s!
  • thinks taking a class about running a business while running a business is exhausting.
  • is dropping off some anti-genocide materials at Schulers Bookstore for their display…maybe Everybody Reads too?
  • just got home from Monsters vs. Aliens 3D. All three kids, all the way through! Motherhood? Pshh, bring it!
  • is watching Levi reach for Isaiah for the first time.
  • just got home, sat down to relax and the baby started crying. I swear he implanted a microchip in my ear while I was sleeping.
  • is preparing for my first bookkeeping client.
  • is preparing for the Celebration of Construction at the Ingham County Fair Grounds tomorrow morning. Let’s see what the stimulus package means for Heritage Flooring…
  • is thinking that even while I am completing mundane tasks, like washing dishes, I cannot hide my alter ego Joker from my three year old…I mean, foiled again Batman!
  • just had an awesome meeting with her boss and coworker…I mean husband and brother in law;)
  • just bought the Diary of Anne Frank at St. Vincent’s. I love great books!
  • is loving hearing her nephews say,”Happy Mo-Mo Day, Aunt Cha-Cha!”
  • has been married to her guy for five years, three kids, one dog, a home and one smallish business. We are a very blessed couple!
  • has layed in the hammock, played in the water and wrestled my boys. My husband has continually given me small gifts all day. I said I was spoiled. He said I was loved, that’s for sure.
  • just finished drying her son’s uniform shirt with my hair dryer because my dryer is out of order. Resourceful start to the day. ;)
  • is going to her sons class picnic today. Kindergarden is almost over. Boy, did that fly by.
  • is sitting in the Torok Sole Mate tent at the Relay for Life at LCHS.
  • just finished making strawberry cobbler out of my very own garden. Beat that Martha…um, what was her name?…I forgot because I am so awesome:)
  • is thinking my boys are full of it today. Isaiah just put ice down the baby’s shirt. He thought it would be funny. And Isaac came into the bathroom as I was getting out of the shower with binoculars. Hello Mama! A day in the life.
  • is praying for my family today. Aunt Heather, your peaceful spirit will be missed.
  • just sent her intern to the PO Box. Now I have more time to play on facebook. Just playin’. Off to do payroll. Did I mention I love having an intern?
  • I gotta get off and get ready for my graduation from the Entrepreneur Institute of Mid-Michigan’s Foundation of Business Planning Class. I have learned so much!
  • is putting away the worms in my refrigerator after my three year old went to get a snack and found daddy’s fishing bait instead. Parenting is not for the faint of stomach;)
  • is holding a sleepy, sweet smellin’ baby. There is nothing better….
  • is fresh off the Houston Party Boat. Happy Birthday Daddy!
  • has a six year old son today! What a blessing to have him in my life. I love him so much.
  • is thankful for the great Aunts and Uncles in my children’s lives. Zip Line over a pond anyone?
  • is looking forward to my free Tuesday morning counseling session….great women and coffee:)
  • has a son who asked me to guess which superhero he was. The Answer?….Black Man.
  • just told her birthday boy that she feels so blessed to have had him in her life for four years. He then asked, “Will you have me for all the days?”…I sure hope so:)
  • just asked her son what hair cut he wants next. (he has a Mohawk) “I have been thinking about that”, he says. “I was thinking like George Washington but then I thought, naah.” ROFL:)
  • is thinking the world does not stand still when I don’t over schedule, over commit and over work. Strange.
  • has two little boys forming their playdough around drumsticks to make….*drum roll please*….PLUNGERS! :)
  • just had the best time at the Scrimger’s back to school bash! Immaculate Heart of Mary – St. Casimir School really does have the best parents ever. We are blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community!
  • My oldest baby is officially a first grader. *sigh* He had a great day that included the new principal doing a cartwheel and was topped off with a celebratory visit to Dairy Queen. :)
  • is soooooooo tired. Anyone want to come pretend to be me for a few hours? Come on, it will be fun. You can live on adrenaline and ridiculous expectations:)
  • can’t wait for Isaiah to get home so I can show him the plant I bought him, a Venus fly trap;) Awesome!
  • is finishing the Time Travelers Wife and drinking wine.
  • Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him. For he will rescue you from every trap and protect …you from deadly disease. He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings.His faithful promises are your armor and protection. Psalm 91: 1-4 NLT
  • is a little exhausted from the sleepover with the nieces. I love those girls to pieces
  • Getting pumped for Isaac’s first soccer practice…now if only he wanted to go:)
  • is in Syracuse! Tuesday girls to the rescue!
  • is home after a weekend with the awesome Tuesday girls, Skinny Atlas :),Cheesecake Factory and other Hullabaloo (Anna, you know who I am talking to!). It’s good to be home.
  • after a frantic search for our dog Charlie this morning. Our duct cleaner asks me if there is an additional room to our home that he hasn’t seen because he hears barking. I went up to the attic this morning to get my warm clothes out. Guess where Charlie was. I lost my dog in my own attic. ;0)
  • My Father in Law just surprised me and showed up to take the two oldest boys to school so I could have a break. I love that guy
  • is thinking Ashis Brahma is going to fire up some kids at my sons school today! Nothing like creating little Social Justice warriors;)!
  • nothing like hearing Isaac and his best bud singing Hallelujah in the back of my car
  • This morning Paul made Isaac laugh and he said,”Daddy, you crack my nuts!” LOL! Another variation of “Your Nuts!” that we never expected:)
  • the Green Machine is no match for a bottle of blue tempura paint dropped from the top shelf and burst all over the floor. Just in case you were wondering. 1 Point paint, 0 Points beige carpet.
  • would like to ask the Great Pumpkin for nothing but Hot Tamales and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups for my kids tonight. Hehehehehe All Mine:)
  • is helping her brother write his crocodile hunter story. It’s true…
  • is almost in New Orleans. I can almost taste the Bourbon. :)
  • Today I am thankful for the lessons in forgiveness that I learned from Catrina Vargas-Cormell when I was a young girl. It serves me well today:)
  • Today is Levi’s 1st Birthday! Yaaaay! We are so glad you were born:)
  • had Thanksgiving early this year thanks to her baby brother and cousin. Well, I cooked but they ate:)
  • was thinking about the verse “In all circumstances give thanks” when my foot slipped out of my shoe and onto the wet ground. God? Was that a test?
  • Isaac James drop the beat now! (Isaac James taps his foot like crazy) LOL
  • Guess What? St.Vincent Catholic Charities expects that there will be refugees from Darfur relocated into Lansing in the coming new year. Are any of you interested in becoming a volunteer to help them get resettled through their refugee services?
  • is gearing up for Isaac’s Big Preschool Performance. He is so excited to sing for us:)
  • Isaiah and Paul Torok are having a Nerf battle in the basement and Isaac is enjoying the hot wheels track from Julie Torok. Levi is sleeping and mommy says, “Peace on Earth!”
  • is back to business after a weekend of Jedi warfare, Rock ’em Sock ’em and too many Christmas treats and libations. It’s going to be a tough day…:)
  • is thinking I better get on my list of things to accomplish this year. I am way behind everyone else. Number 1, Make a list of things to accomplish in 2010….:)

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