Cup of Tea

Today was a rough day. I have been fighting becoming overwhelmed at every task. Tax portfolio due to the accountant by the end of the week. Commercial loan application is due to the bank by Friday.

“Honey, I just want to touch base, don’t forget to modify that invoice, set an appointment to have the new hire fill out paperwork and create the meeting notes for the staff meeting.”

The school emailed to say that the place mats are ready for distribution. At this rate, I will be distributing them to my fellow patients at the funny farm.

I was able to finish off the day by packing my two youngest in the car and driving across town to pick up my grumpy eldest at gymnastics practice. He was brooding over how the other kids “made him” loose focus and that’s why he didn’t earn his Popsicle tonight. Small rewards mean big things to this kid.

I spent the entire car ride trying to convince him that he is responsible for his own actions. He spent the entire car ride blaming the other kids and convincing me that he should just quit because it’s just to hard to stay focused. I said way to much and he probably did too. We walked in the door and after I put the two youngest to bed I asked Isaiah if he would like a cup of tea with honey or sugar. He said yes and after an internal debate decided on honey because it’s healthier. (So proud)

The day fell away. It was quiet and we relaxed. We talked about the blooming flowers in the arrangement I threw together yesterday. He told me about how his recess was inside because it was too cold to play outside today. We talked about his upcoming meet and church on Sunday where he will be bearing the gifts. I told him how much I loved him and how amazingly, amazing he is.

By the end of the night I think we were both ready to go another round. We finished our tea together and soothed our spirits. I explained to him that we never quit when we have an opportunity to learn and grow from our struggles. He smiled and said he didn’t want to quit and that he felt better. I know that there will be a million addendum to this lesson but for now it will have to do.

I think it is easy to forget that his challenges, all though small to me, are often daunting to him. I hope I can remember when I am frustrated with trying to reason with an overwhelmed six year old that sometimes all he needs is a moments peace. I hope I can learn to quiet myself long enough to let him find his own way. Even at six, tonight he proved that he can make the right decisions for himself when given some space.

Tomorrow we will both wake up and push through our day. I hope the next time I am feeling overwhelmed with trying to teach my children an important lesson I can let it fall into our tea with honey. Isaiah found it in there somewhere.

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