Test Your Noodles

I do not enjoy doing dishes. In the ranking of household chores, it’s at the bottom with other futile tasks like laundry, cleaning the toilet (did I mention I have three sons?) and emptying the litter box. I have tried the FlyLady way of keeping soapy water in the sink and washing as I go. All I got from that was a really tidy kitchen and supremely dry hands. I know, a tidy kitchen should be a goal that all good housewives strive for but I can’t help but think of what else I could do with the time I spend bent over last nights dinner dishes.

Hence the taping of Bible verses in my kitchen window. A coaster that says. “What will you do today?” reminding me to think of how I will serve others. There are also the few plants I remember to water because they are so close to the source and a tea cup I was given at a women’s retreat I went to with my mother. Every once in a while I will roll my head back in disdain and catch a glimpse of a single hardened elbow macaroni noodle.

And then I grin.

I remember my husband cooking in the kitchen with his two older boys. He taught them to check the noodles readiness by throwing it on the ceiling….and it stuck. Now many of you may have seen or practiced this noodle readiness test with a single spaghetti noodle against a wall. Once said noodle was tested you probably walked over and pulled it off the wall. Nope. Our noodle remains. I know I should clean it but it is a fun memory for me.

Just like all my little spiritual keepsakes and favored plants, it makes me happy to see that noodle petrified to my ceiling. It’s kind of like wearing my husbands sweatshirt when he isn’t home. It makes my heart swell and my face smile.

Many of us like to judge our husbands for their impractical, rowdy parenting. Myself included. Especially when my four year old tries to pants me (quickly pull my pants down before I have a chance to grab them) in our living room. Better there than at church, I always say. Or when he teaches the two eldest to play swords while peeing in the toilet when all I want them to do is perfect their aim. Are you catching on to the toilet angst in my home?

When my husband pulls out an old matress into the yard for my kids and their cousins to use as a trampoline I am mortified. I am pretty sure there are some redneck jokes being made at our expense. Do you know whose really laughing? My children. They are completely in love with their father and his willingness to enjoy the spirit of his children. The immature let’s-make-a-parachute-out-of-this-umbrella ideas. The Dad-Isaac-Two-Headed-Monster that chases me through the dining room with roars and gnashing of teeth. The let’s-throw-snowballs-at-Mom’s-bedroom-window antics that make our days so special.
Yep. The noodle stays.

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