The Cottage

When I go on vacation I try to see everything. I don’t want to miss a single landmark. This attitude usually irritates my husband who is more of a layed back traveler. He tries to reason with me by saying that we have been on a roller coaster before. I scoff and say, but we haven’t been on that one. He tells me the kids need their nap and I say let them sleep in the stroller on the way. If in my daily life I am hungry for new experiences, I am starving when dropped into a new environment.

This weekend I will be traveling back to the cottage with my Mother-in-Law and most of my Sister-in-Laws. The cottage is the anti-venom to my speed of life addictions. The slow lull of the cottage makes me useless days before I arrive because I can feel the pace change. All deadlines seem to fade into the background and my priorities shift.

I will pack at least three books that I have been meaning to read. The smutty celebrity OK Magazine that Paul bought me as a reward for meeting my first goal weight will be there too. You know, should I begin to care whether Tom and Katie are going to be having another baby. I will paint my nails and for the first time in months, I will have the time to let them dry fully before carrying out the next task.

The fact that my sisters will be traveling with me only makes this trip more delicious. We will have wine and watch movies that make us cry. We will laugh until our sides ache and our cheeks are sore from smiling. I suppose a game of euchre may happen between snacks of things made for adults. There will be no PB&J but there will be whatever luxury we can buy at the store. I don’t suppose much cooking will be taking place. And we will sleep in. (choirs of angels sing)

I suppose for many, traveling with the mother of your husband and the wives of your husband’s brothers, does not sound like a vacation you would take willingly. I look forward to the times when we can be together without the interruptions of our responsibilities. Our husbands always wish we could pay a little more attention to the kids when we are all together or say goodbye in less time then it takes to shop for a new blouse.

There is a special kind of magic that happens when women who love each other are all together. If you see pixie dust in the air you’ll know that this weekend, it’s coming from the cottage.

2 thoughts on “The Cottage

  1. bliss! I love it! Have fun…and pick up an Adriana Trigiani book in my honor–you won't be disappointed. Tell me what TomKat decide on the offspring.

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