The Kiss-Hug

Isaac has invented something new. It’s not the cure for cancer and it’s not a revolutionary green techy device. Coming from the child I call my sugar lump it’s what is to be expected. He has developed a new social ettiquette. It’s called the Kiss-Hug.

Isaac is my lover boy. The child in my family that knows exactly the amount of tears to produce to allow them to hang on his lower lashes, just under his dangerously dark eyes, to make your heart crack open in response to his sadness. He is the one who almost always responds with a happy, “sure” when asked to bring me a diaper for his baby brother. He tells me often that he loves me and is constantly trying to sit in my lap, lay in bed next to me or squeeze between me and the rest of the world.

It is the naturally empathetic nature of my middle child that makes this invention so typical of him. This revolutionary new etiquette is a time saver for the busy Mother of many. It gives the essential nurturing that all of your children need as you leave for work or before you leave them in their beds at the end of a long day. Your kids will love it.

Here is how it is done. You kiss and hug at the same time.

Yep. That’s it.

When your four year old looks up at you before you leave for work in the morning and says, “Mom, don’t forget your kiss-hug!” You quickly reach down and kiss-hug him. In all honesty, it’s not at all quicker than a kiss and a hug. Isaac makes it last longer because you have to really smooch to make this move work. It may be a bit wet, peanut buttery or sweet from orange juice. Be prepared for that. Remember, no matter the mess left on your mouth, never, EVER wipe off a kiss-hug in the presense of a sugar lump child. They melt.

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