My Momma’ Didn’t Raise No Fool

When I was fifteen someone told me about “night scares”.

Night Scare; a prank that involves a stealthy person leaning over a peacefully sleeping loved one and then screaming at the top of their lungs. Pandemonium ensues..:)

I tried it on my brother and watched my 6″4′, 200 lb. brother curl up like a baby.  It was awesome.  I egged a girls house once.  I have even found my brother in law’s car window rolled down in a Home Depot parking lot and dumped all of the trash from my minivan (that comes with three horribly messy children) into his front seat.  Again, it was awesome.  Sometimes, I hide behind doors to scare my husband on his way to bed.  Sometimes he does the same thing.  Needless to say I am always on edge  and prepared to karate chop when I am on my way up the stairs to our bed.

Even considering all of that evidence, when considered over a lifetime, I really am not very good at pranks.  When April Fool’s Day showed up in my planner I considered putting Vaseline or peanut butter under the door knobs.  I considered a scary mask in the toilet but I just didn’t.  I wasn’t in the foolin’ mood I guess.

At the end of the day, my husband and oldest son came home from gymnastic practice with a gift for me. These photos tell the rest of the story.

My son, not only executed this blooper, he talked his dad into being his accomplice and purchasing the goods. We laughed so hard.  I congratulated him on his great prank and I know I am so in for it next year.  At least he did save me some chocolate.

So proud and such a punk!

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