The Blog-o-sphere

Dear Mother Flippin’ Readers,

I have entered the blog-o-sphere.  I started by dipping in one single toe and I am know waist deep in the Mother Flippin’ Blog.  I started this blog because I enjoy writing and the therapy it brings me on a daily basis.  I have done some research about how to have a “successful blog”.  In the process of finding tips and tricks to achieve that goal I have found something good.

In my life, I hold honesty as a characteristic that soothes the soul and makes us all feel equal.  (honesty is second only to courage)  It is also helpful when in a department store with a bestie and a new swimsuit. “Tell me truly.  Does my ass look big?”  Good friends, no, Salt of the Earth friends will tell you if your ass, indeed looks awfully huge in that swimsuit. I am lucky enough to have so many Salt of the Earth Friends that I almost feel neglectful trying to love them all to pieces. 

In my research, I have read that in order to have a successful blog one must seek out other bloggers and leave a snail trail back to yours with your comments and follows.  So, I started reaching out into the abyss that is the internet to find other blogs that I found interesting.  My purpose? Well, to make people love my Mother Flippin’ blog, obviously.

At first, I felt terribly self involved because I couldn’t find any blogs that held my interest really.  The only exception was those written by my friends (did I mention my awesome friends?). I scrolled through many without leaving comments or even finishing complete posts because it just felt dishonest.  My writing makes me more honest.  It is like opening my journal to you and saying, “Here look what I have learned” or “Isn’t this funny”.  When I read other blogs, I have to assume they feel the same way about their writing.  
If I joined blogs and commented on blogs just to bring people to mine I would be a liar.  An idea I find unacceptable.  It would be like inviting a friend to your birthday party because she was one of the popular girls at school.  I can’t do it. Instead, I have stumbled upon some blogs that make me laugh, cry a bit and celebrate the joys and failures of parenting.  Those are the ones that I have added to my blog (again, with the exception of a few of my besties that may not want the world in their bidness, and you know who you are!)

I have said before, “When I allow a friend to sit in the warmth of my kitchen it’s because I want her there.”  This is true also for the blogs that I read and for the people who read mine.  If you are a new reader, I say welcome.  I hope you find this blog to be a place of honesty, grace and humor.  I hope that you will leave me comments because just like the warmth of my kitchen, I love to interact with other women and hear about their lives.  It brings me joy.

I have just started a Mother Flippin’ Fan Page.  I would love it if you would become a fan.  I realized that I have a badge for my Facebook page on this site but I would like to reserve that for my family and non-cyber friends.  It will give me more control over what people can see or read about my family’s life.  So not everybody can be all up in my bidness. :)

However, I want to be able to continue to grow the relationship I have with anyone reading the words I fill this blog with.  

So here is the Mother Flippin’ deal. (there is no end to the way that phrase can be used! lol) My idea of a successful blog is one where those that follow are more than just readers I have collected.  It is a blog built on people relating to what I write and sharing their lives with me as well.  That is the good that I have found.
We’ll talk soon,


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