For the Newbies

It is the second day of The Mother Flippin’ Fan Page and I am excited to see the little faces of my friends pop up below my posts.  It encourages me.  Some of you are old and some of you are new.  

Welcome, I am so glad you are here.  I hope you enjoy what you find on these pages.

I have finished an About Me page, a page for The Boys and a page for My Guy.  You should start there. Although I am super awesome by myself, to understand me, you have to know them.  You should also stop and read about my 30th Birthday Party.  I hope you will join in.  I have my blogs labeled to represent the topics of my posts. I have listed the labels hyper linked so you can check out what I mean by these tags.

There are a few things you will never find in my blog. I do not strive for perfection.  I will not ever tell you what to eat outside of a few recipes that I botch and feel the need to share.  Just like everything else, I want to be thin but my execution is way off.  My brother says that my parenting is ground breaking (Well, he is childless and in his early twenties, but I will take it).  I love to write about the times in my life where I find God’s grace and peace.  My boys will offer comedic relief and I am sure, some minor (major) frustrations. I am no literary genius.

I try to approach my life with honesty and courage.  My two favorite characteristics.  I will make inappropriate jokes.  Though, I am very careful with the words I write down.  My mother warned me long ago that the words you say will disappear but the words written for all to read are reborn every time someone reads them. 

Whoa. Deep. I know. Thats my Mommy.

I will never, ever write something mean about another human being, celebrities and politicians included.  I know, I just made it hard for myself.  If you don’t hear from me for a couple of weeks know that I am practicing a very important lesson from Thumper.  If you can’t say somethin’ nice…

You are welcome to make comments, ask me questions or post suggestions for upcoming blogs.  The more you share with me the more fun I have.  Thanks again for being here!

Peace and Grace,


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