Driven Crazy

I have never pretended to be a woman bent on perfecting my domestic skills. I am aloof most days and I enjoy pretending to be on others. Over the past three weeks my business has moved locations, my bar crawl quickly approached, a community garden needed attention and my children continued to need raising. My home is bordering on disgusting.

So today, when my first day of nearly uninterrupted domesticity in weeks arrived, I fell into cleaning like an insane person. I have one clean toilet of two, a small amount of laundry folded and a few clean windows. As I look around, I am still seeing all that is not going to get done before the next commitment claims me.

As I rush to finish a few dishes I find the lid of my thermos oozing a brown liquid.

Initially I thought it must be some coffee remnants or a spillover some one “forgot” to clean up. To my feigned surprise, my children are trying to drive me crazy.

Who wants to play hide the tomato? After a day of survivor cleaning, this is not the kudos I was looking for. Maybe it’s an encore. If that is so, I am lowering the curtain because it is certain that any more work out of me will not be met with an armful of roses.

Lord help me! :)

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