At the stroke of midnight I will officially have entered my thirties.  I wonder if my breasts will automatically fall a millimeter.  I already have two random hairs that grow on my chin that I beat back with tweezers weekly.  Will I become a more reasonable dresser and shuck my toe cramp inducing high heels for sensible loafers?  Will I finally learn to check the weather before I leave wearing shorts on a day calling for 40 degrees and rain?

Is it all that simple? 

Inside my heart a tiny smile erupts at all of these ideas. I am still the little girl that tied the loose cord from a lawn mower around the belly of a frog to walk him down the street.  I am still the high school cheerleader that was voted most talented.  I am also the same girl that slipped in a mud puddle while cheering for the Mighty Matadors in front of our crowded home stadium.  Think Slip n’ Slide. (I think the voting may have been rigged!)
I will almost always stray from comfort for beauty.  My laugh is the loudest in the movie theater and my opinions freely shared.  I know that love is the most important commandment and the most difficult to practice.  I get lost on the way home because I am singing the song on the radio to my listening audience, my poor children.  I still think that cheesecake, unlike cleanliness, is next to Godliness. 

My friends know they can call me for an honest opinion and some have even called me wise.  My husband needs me because I calmly find the stillness in the storm.  I need him because sometimes I am the storm. My children giggle when I mistakenly accuse them of something, realize my mistake and then berate them in a silly voice.  They know I can accept my failings as their mother.  
Tonight is the night.  The cake has been ordered, the invitations sent out and I have a great birthday dress. Some of my dearest friends and family will be meeting me to honor a dear friend, support a great cause and celebrate my birthday. My birthday wish is that I continue to enjoy who God made me to be without shame.  All the while, holding on to all the things that make me who I am.  
Nothing is ever simple when it comes to me.
Time and Tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty. – Robert Frost 

4 thoughts on “Simple

  1. That's just how I feel about you. You are such an amazing woman, I wish you a happy happy birthday! And, (listen to God giggling here), I have a story to tell you about the time that a few of us band geeks joined the cheerleaders on the track for one cheer. Seriously, I did that big toe touch, and well the first half went well…

  2. If you get through your thirties with only one millimeter of sag and two chin hairs, consider yourself lucky. I love you tons! I wish, wish, wish I could be there for your big event. Happy Birthday to you, one of my bestest friends ever!

    You will never abandon style, by the way, no matter how old you get. You'll be one of those adorable old ladies who will never set foot out of the house without make-up.

  3. You are also the same girl who allowed her baby sister to drink milk that had sat in you room for however long and had to call poison control. But whether your 'cleanliness' almost killed me or not, you are still my sister and I love you very, very, very(times infinity) much. I could never ask for a better sister or a better friend nor would I ever want to.

    Happy Birthday Big Sister.

    I love you. Forever and always.

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