Love Lessons

Dear Friends,
I spent an afternoon enjoying the view of rolling hilltop vineyards, sunset lit city centers in Verona and a heroine who is so under loved your heart aches for her throughout the movie.  I was hidden away in a movie theater with one of my best friends watching Letters to Juliet.  I was unsure about spending theater money (as opposed to netflix money) on a movie that I hadn’t even seen previews for.  All things being equal, when a girlfriend calls and asks you to sneak away, you go.  

I loved it so.  It was terribly romantic.  The kind of romance that makes you wistful.  It was very clean.  There was no American Pie humor in this film at all. The film was about loss, courage and of course, love.  Love from the perspective of having the courage to step out on faith and grab it.  I cried and laughed and begged the man to chase her.  Everything a weepy girl is supposed to do during a romantic film.  I met my obligation.

A few nights before, I went and saw Shrek Forever After with the boys.  I was amazed to find that the movie was much better suited for a date night.  The basic plot, without any spoilers, is that Shrek grows tired of marital bliss and starts looking for excitement.  He doesn’t know what he has until he looses it.  The kids loved the movie but I left with a new desire to not take my life for granted.

All of this to tell you that I love my husband.  I think our love is exceptional.  Not because it’s easy to love him or because it’s easy to love me.  Our love is exceptional because it’s hard won.  It’s marriage and not fairy tale land.  It takes a daily decision to love each other and some days it takes longer to make a decision in his favor.

Today I found this challenge on another blog purely by chance. It’s very “The Love Dare”.

I am not participating in this challenge but I have been thinking about what specifically makes our marriage so exceptional.  Starting with my 50th blog post, which I have hustled my husband into writing, I am going to write posts about our relationship.  I am going to share our love with you.  I am going to write about romance, faith, children and even *gasp* sex.  Let’s say it together….sex.  
The post on sex (Did she just say it again?) will include a giveaway.  Of what?…Sorry. I can’t tell. Guess you’ll just have to read that post!

I am no authority on love and marriage.  I am sure that many people would disagree with my opinions about certain topics.  I am going to share our love with you.  Ours.  Take what is useful and discard the rest. I am nothing if not honest about what I share with you. 

In other news, my next post will be about toddler discipline.  A reader needs some tips to help out a friend. ;)

Peace and Grace,

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