Ahem, Listen up!

When I was a little girl I used to have an army green journal that belonged to my father.  It was a military issued field journal or at least that’s what I assume thinking back.  I filled that journal with my pretend cursive and eventually little poems and stories.  During an intense Nancy Drew phase, I even threw in some license plate numbers of shady characters.  My many journals have followed me through the many (many, many) old boyfriends, ambitions and children over the years.  

I imagined that at some point, I would die and there they would be.  Neatly stacked notes on my life.  Pages only relavent to those closest to me.  Those that would find interesting my feelings on the 7th grade dance, interest in becoming a sniper for the FBI and my first attempts at writing songs.  I’ve always loved to write but you will not find musings about making writing an actual occupation.  It’s not in there.
I suppose it’s because my initial attempts were so private that I never would have considered sharing them with anyone.  The only exception would be the prying eyes of my baby brother, Tony who stole my journal once.  I wrote for my own sanity.  I wrote to track my dreams.  I wrote for me.

Somehow the idea for a blog began last year and my brother called me immediately to chastise me for giving my gift away for free.  He was determined to push, prod and convince me to take my writing a bit further.  Yesterday, I was able to call him and tell him that I will be taking his advice.

Rina Risper, the President and Publisher of The New Citizen Press has asked me to be a featured Op-Ed Columnist for the summer.  I will be writing the column, Excuse me, Are you Listening?, which is published every two weeks, right here in the Capital City. 

“I F***in’ TOLD YOU!”  

That would be my brother’s response to the news. The rest of my family is very proud of me but Tony’s response was the most colorful, as per usual.  He’s already calculating his royalties for the I-told-you-so-service and my first book that he is determined to bully me into writing.  With him behind me, I don’t know how I could avoid at least trying.

Side note: As a first born child, my mother says I never tried anything until Tony did.  My courage was found in his fearlessness. Some things never change.

I am excited about this great new opportunity to share Mother Flippin’ with a larger audience.  This will provide me with a unique platform to share information about causes I hold close to my heart like the Michigan Darfur Coalition and upcoming events.  I am hopeful that this opportunity will lead to speaking engagements in the future that will grow my fan base and make me some money! My husband will be happy about that last one.

I am extremely proud to be asked to write for the first paper owned and operated by a black woman to be archived by the State of Michigan and internationally. 

Did that sink in?  Do you need to read it again?  Hold on…I do.
Thank you to all of you who have encouraged the growth of this blog.  Thank you for the little notes in my FB inbox regarding posts that made you think, cry, laugh or just breathe a sigh of relief.  Thank you all for inviting your friends and family members to read my posts.  There will be more exciting announcements this month so keep checking back.  I can’t wait to get started on this new adventure.  

Whose coming with me!?!?


*If it helps, you can imagine me shaking a brief case and a bag of gold fish at you for emphasis.*

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