Sex is on Fire

Sex is a pain.

No, not in an S&M, whips and chains kind of way.  It’s a pain because I don’t have time for it. 

A few months ago, I was given the opportunity to write a review of an arousal oil called Zestra.
The idea intrigued me and so I said I would do it.  I recieved the package in the mail, opened it, read it and put it on a shelf.  After a few emails from the PR company, it remained on the shelf.  I just couldn’t find the time. 

I often tell my girlfriends that at the end of a long day there is not much that sex could do for me that could rival a good nights rest.  I’m sorry.  I’m flippin’ tired man!

Eventually, I pulled the package down and took it into the bedroom. I am so glad I did!  I can’t wait to share this information with all my girls. 

FYI – I will accept gifts as a formal thank you from readers and their husbands.

Here is a list of five challenges we face in our sex life that were remedied by Zestra.

Getting in the Mood
As women, it is often so difficult to flip the switch on our libido.  We work all day, clean and cook in the afternoon and try to find time for ourselves in the evenings.  We fit in time with our spouse while holding our breath, hoping that he just wants to cuddle and give us back rubs until death do us part.  When we finally make the time we remember what it feels like to love our spouses with our full intimacy and the reminder is good. Zestra is used five minutes before you actually begin intercourse.  Translation?  It will help you make the transition from housewife to lover in 5 minutes. 
No Mess
I prefer a no frills approach to intimacy.  I am not against foreplay.  I love it actually.  I just don’t want creams, bells and whistles.  Who has time for all of that?  It gets messy and over done.  I simply want to make love to my husband in a way that we can both enjoy.  Zestra is a very light oil.  It doesn’t make a mess!  Nothing more than your ordinary clean up neccessary.  It also does not have an obnoxious smell.

Doing it Well
Did I mention the time issue?  Anything that helps my Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma’am rush order inclinations is a good thing. The enhanced sensitivity provided by Zestra encourages you to drop what you are doing and stay awhile to enjoy the God given gift of a sexual relationship with your man.  Something extra to help put your mind on more sensual things.
A Little Spice
There is always someone in the relationship that appreciates a little spice.  Maybe you could care less about some arousal oil that may make sex feel better.  Maybe your like me and just don’t want to make the time.  However, when I brought out a tiny package with a oil that supposed to make sex better, you can bet the farm my husband was ready to try it out.  A little spice every now and then can do nothing but give both of you renewed excitement in your physical intimacy.

Sex is on Fire
I am all out of Zestra.  I used both packets up.  I will be ordering more because it gives me something to look forward to.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I almost didn’t even need Paul in the room.  All things being equal, with me standing still, this oil is amazing.  It increased my sensitivity and my need for sexual intimacy.  My excuses were forgotten.

If you get a chance, get some.  Pun intended and encouraged.




5 thoughts on “Sex is on Fire

  1. I worked in a Urology office and was the research coordinator for when they were trying to put Zestra on the market! I'm glad you liked it! It was supposed to be for women that were having problems being aroused and apparently it didn't help too much there, but as a lubricant, it seems to have done the trick!

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