My Greatest Teacher

I have been Isaiah’s mother for 7 years.  His conception was a surprise, a sin to some and an immediate joy to me.  From the moment I knew that he was growing inside of my body, he changed me.  In a way, and by no intention of his own, he has contributed more to the person I am than anyone I have ever met.  He is my first born, my first attempt and will someday be my first release.

This year starts a new tradition in our house.  I am a journal keeper.  I have written in journals my entire life.  I still enjoy sending hand written letters to my loved ones.  Today I am buying three journals.  Not expensive leather bound books.  I will probably choose three plain solid colored books.  One for each of my sons.  As the self proclaimed writer in the house, I will write to them in a place where they will always be able to find my words.

I already write love notes to them on Valentine’s Day, post it notes in lunch boxes and letters for Christmas morning.  Imagine when they are grown and they recieve in the mail Volumn I of how I love them.  How it will feel to see in there mothers own words how she knows that they were meant to add good into the world.  Her prayers for them and her stories about things they can’t remember for themselves.

Isaiah is seven today and I celebrate how his birth made this world different for me.  Not always easier, fair or better.  It is still the world we all live in.  He made it more beautiful, more purposeful and ever changing.  I look forward to celebrating this years milestones with him as well as those that are sure to come.

Happy Birthday Isaiah! Thank you for being my greatest teacher.

Love Always,

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