It Rocks to Have a Son like Isaac!

Isaac is 5! 
In celebration of this landmark I am counting down the 
Top 10 Reasons It Rocks to 
Have a Son Like Isaac!

10.  When we found out you were growing in my belly I could not stop jumping around and giggling.  We all still feel that way.

9.  When ever you pretend to be a character in a story, you never leave your mother out.  No matter how grumpy, busy or disinterested she is.  She is the Vilma to your Scooby-Doo.  Why can’t I be Daphne?  “Because she is not fat.” I might have stopped the jumping around that day.

8.  Isaiah needed someone to look after and Levi needed someone to watch after him.  You are the perfect fit.  Their friend for life.

7.  Your name means “laughter” in Hebrew.  That title has been a self fulfilling prophesy in our lives.  You are a gift of humor and lightness in our home.

6.  When a woman steps out of her car and falls to the ground you open our van door to see if she is okay.  You even ask her.  Even if your mother tries to hide behind her iPhone to avoid laughing.  I look up to you.

5.  Every kid needs a best cousin.  You are Scott’s and he is yours.  God knew exactly where you needed to be.

4.  It costs a lot of money to feed three growing boys.  You have saved us oodles with your picky eating.  If you could keep that up until college, it would be much appreciated.

3.  If I have an itch, it really is a bother to have to scratch it myself.  Thanks to you, I don’t always have too.  When your mommy’s back itches, you save the day.  

2.  A lot of other moms have a 5 year old boy but do they have a robot?  No, not like mine.

1.  When I look at your dark brown eyes and your sweet toothless grin, my heart melts.  You were the child meant for me and I was meant for you.  God knew that I would need a little Isaac in my life.  I am so thankful that he knew me so well.  I would totally give him a high five on that one!

6 thoughts on “It Rocks to Have a Son like Isaac!

  1. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. And a kiss for you Catrina. I have always wanted to be cast as the skinny super hero!

    Tiffany, I know. I can't believe it either. He was just an itty bitty when we met!

    Highlights, listen, when you have to feed three boys a light eater is something to celebrate. I plan for it and cook less. Crazy moms with the sit there and eat it mentality must have a lot of extra money. Me? Oh, you don't want it honey? Awesome. Give it to your brother. :)

    Ellie, you laugh because it's all so very true and you live it!

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