Know Thyself

Our Community Garden Plot
I have never been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.).  I typically try not to make light of mental conditions because I think they are serious and need to be diagnosed by professionals.  So far, my marriage counselor has been the only one to admit “concern” about my symptoms.  One of my closest friends feigned surprise to this news and then told me that I would never be able to get all the things I do done if I didn’t have A.D.D.  I’m not sure about that.  

Our referee (marriage counselor) recommended a book to me called Healing ADD by Daniel G. Amen.  (She also hates the title, as there is no cure for ADD yet) It is a book chocked full of symptoms.  It even breaks ADD down into six separate sub-types.  The book also offers tips on how to better function while dealing with an ADD brain.  The book began with a  well listed table of contents and finished strong with lists and bullet points.  An ADD readers dream.  

At first, the symptoms included in the book started to strip off the silver glitter lining on my cloud.  I have spent a lot of time redefining my deficiencies.  

I am not late, I am making an entrance.  I don’t need a list.  I will remember it.  Why did I put the remote on the stove?  Because I knew I would remember I put it there.  Why would I choose to train for a 60 mile bike ride, join a 30 Day Better Blog Challenge and plan a MDC event during the busiest time period for our business.  Because I am awesome that’s why!

Training for the Ride for Refuge

The truth is I live on a unique combination of adrenaline and unrealistic expectations.

I felt as if someone were taking away all of those things that I thought were endearing qualities and telling me that I need to make them all go away.  I know that is not completely true.  I know that my symptoms of all or nothing behavior also determines how I take criticism.  I am a creative person and I tend to operate different than the average A-typer.  I get it.  All of those ADD symptoms that make me late, forgetful and focus deficient have also made me innovative and resourceful.  I roll well with the punches because I totally forgot about where we were going, why and whom we intended to see hours ago.  It’s easy to switch focus when you lack it in the first place.

The down side is I forget my son’s gymnastic practice, field trip money and to put the wash in the dryer.  Dinner is almost always started after 5:00 because that’s when my kids announce they are starving.  I am great at allowing them freedom and creativity.  I simply forget to make them quit long enough to brush their teeth and get to bed on time.  I am cranky when we are late but usually I am the one at fault because I truly, madly and deeply believe that somewhere in that 15 minutes is the two hours I need to clean my entire house.

The truth is that if I were a bit more scheduled, I know I would be even more productive.  Actually, productivity is the last thing on my mind.  I produce enough.  I want my home to be more peaceful in it’s transitions.  I want less quick stops to get lunch meat because I forgot to get it earlier.  I want some zen in my life.
That’s where Simply Siena comes in.

Toni Langdon is a wonderful woman from Philly that has just started a Simplify Your Life Series every Sunday on her blog.  She is a black belt in I-can-hurt-you-with-my-pinky-doh (just kidding -Martial Arts) and is an avid Vblogger.  The poor girl offered me some critique on my blog and I roped her into working with me.  So as of today I am going to be simplifying my life with Toni by following her posts on Simply Siena.

The SBAM Luncheon
For those of you who are already painfully organized…talk amongst yourselves or join the conversations with helpful non-condescending comments for us not quite there girls. For those of you who are overwhelmed to the point of exasperation by the constant messages from the Fly Lady, let’s keep it simple.  The first step is admitting it. 
I am a disaster in a big way. 

There I said it.  Phew, I feel so much better.

Every week I am going to follow Toni’s Vlogs and try to take her advice.  This weeks tip was a Mommy Checklist.  A list of things that need to be done daily to keep your life simple and on track. What’s on yours? I don’t have one currently.  Join the discussion and help me create mine by leaving a comment here, on The Mother Flippin Fan Page or on my BlogFrog Community.
Good Luck!!!

P.S.  These photos all give the impression of togetherness. Aren’t snap shots great!?

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