A Little More

Tonight I am watching Julie and Julia while slowly editing my latest column for The New Citizens Press

I say latest when truly it’s my second one.  Can you say latest when you have only written two?

A couple of months ago I turned thirty just like the character Julie in the movie.  During the last decade I have questioned my decisions about my future repeatedly.  When Rina Risper, the editor of the paper, asked me for a bio I wondered how I would gracefully admit on paper that I quit college mainly because I got knocked up pregnant.  I wondered if I should admit that I have a beautiful voice but I quit singing shortly after my first son was born.  Unless you count nightly lullabies admired by my husband, children and the dog.

I was already in love with Paul so marriage was on the horizon by the time I was five months pregnant.  When we married I warned told him that even though I was becoming his wife, I had dreams before him and I will have dreams after him.  Not all of my dreams have been planned, implemented or even worthy of those glorious next phases. But I have them.  All of the time.  He was not always prepared for living with a woman bent on conquering the world but he is adjusting nicely.  I am often not prepared for being that woman.

I wanted to be a mother badly.  I wanted a husband, a home, a dog and to sing on the stage at the Met.  Guess which ones’ came true.  The other dreams waft in and around me like the smell of fine French cooking.  Did I mention that I am watching Julie & Julia?  Mothering, wife-ing and homemaking are not the end of any woman. For me, neither are writing, singing and advocating, the end.  I wonder what I will happen upon next and it is all so very exciting.

If you are loving your beautiful family so much you can’t breath and you still want more, that’s because there is more to you. 

With that, I leave you the link to my interview with Melik from Life in Lansing about my newest column in The New Citizen Press.  

I’m dreaming. Are you?

All my love,

6 thoughts on “A Little More

  1. Yep. Thanks to you, dear friend, I believe that many of those dreams can come true. Not the ones that involve me becoming a great dancer, though. Those may have to collect dust on a shelf in my mind…

  2. Great post! I really enjoyed watching Julie and Julia, as I am about to celebrate my 30th birthday this month. I think that this is a time of reflection for many women, as we enter another decade of life, and don't want to stop dreaming (despite the responsibilities we now have!).

    Stopping by from SITS 31DBBB Challenge!


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