5 Reasons to Ride for Refuge

On October 2nd, 2010, I will be participating in the Ride for Refuge.  This event is a 60 mile bike ride to spread awareness and raise funds for the vulnerable, displaced and the exploited people all over the world.  I started training last week riding 5 miles for the first time ever.  Unfortunately, a seminar coming up in our dump of a almost renovated new office threw my training schedule out the window.  I will be back at it tomorrow morning.
Currently, I have joined fellow Michigan Darfur Coalition board member Ginny Mitchell, Mary Breen and hustled encouraged my sister in law Leah to share in this event with me.  As of today, I have raised $0.  We all have to start somewhere.  Today I want to focus on why you should join our team.  
Don’t freak out.  You can ride as little or as much as you want.  There are courses mapped out for 5, 15, 30 or 60 miles.  
So let’s count these puppies down David Letterman style…without the celebrity (unless you count me, which most don’t).

5. There are millions of people suffering all over the world.  They struggle to find food, adequate medical care and a safe place to rest.  This is one day of discomfort (minus months of training…but whose counting, right?) that will remind you of just how cushy your life is now.  The money you raise for our team will help refugees new Americans from Darfur, Sudan that live in Grand Rapids. 

You probably thought this would be number one.  Sucker.  I am way more original than that.

4.. I am a mother of three boys that have lived inside of and totally ruined my body.  I have never exercised to do more than allow myself to eat whatever I want. Exercise is all about making that ooey gooey pizza at 10pm justifiable.  I do, however, expect that my ass will be as tight as a toddlers’ race to the toilet by October.  It will be a short lived victory but I’m okay with that.  I am already wondering where we should go for drinks after the ride of a lifetime.

3. Cool points.  Stand around the water cooler and tell your office peeps that you are training for a 60 mile bike ride.  It doesn’t matter if you make it the entire way.  The important thing is that look of WTF! awe in their eyes.  After they pick their chins up off the floor, drop the whole charity thing on them and they will be nominating you for sainthood by September.  Boo-yah! Instant karma.

2. Training sounds really awful unless you are a triathlon crazy person dedicated to healthy living.  If you happen to be a mother of young children, do you know what the word “training” means? Hours of solitude. You, your bike, a helmet and your favorite playlist or podcast on your iPod.  You will have time to plan your day, listen to a sermon or just sing along to your favorite Alicia Keys song.  

Here’s a link to our team page.  I should have you convinced by now.  If not, then number one should do it.

1. I am going to fall off of my bike.  It is going to happen.  Maybe not today. Maybe not in two weeks, but someday.  Where do you want to be when that happens?  Do you want to be at home reading about in my blog three days later?  Or do you want to be standing over me with your iPhone capturing an embarrasing moment to share with all of your Facebook friends?  You and I both know the answer to this one.

Again, here is the link. 

If I still haven’t convinced you to ride, consider making a little (or super duper big) donation to help support my peeps from Darfur by visiting our team page.  To read more about how the MDC helps refugees new Americans from Darfur, in the United States and Africa, check out our website.

You should also check out the Ride For Refuge Blog for more information about whose lives they intend to change by organizing this event all over the world year after year.

One thought on “5 Reasons to Ride for Refuge

  1. LOL!! Too bad I live so far away!! HAHA!! Love your perspective!! ;p So funny!!

    Honestly, I would have to be there as the photographer, though. I can't even sit on a bike seat anymore because of my twice broken tail bone that healed wonky. *sigh* So I would be in the group that looks at you in awe… but then hides in the bushes with my camera like the Paparazzi awaiting the predicted tumble to catapult me to infamy for capturing the mishap.

    Thanks for jumping in on the awareness hop! ((HUGS))

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