Glory Days

Go Matadors!

I missed my high school reunion.  I was eight months pregnant.  I wasn’t worried about flying as much as I didn’t want to watch all my old friends drink and be merry while I sat in sober matronage.  When you consider the flight, rental car and the possibility of giving birth far from home, I just couldn’t justify the trip.  I am sorry I missed it though.

I loved high school.  I have a lot of great memories about Parkland High.

I remember swapping vital statistic information with my best friend Latrice while we waited in line for our school I.D photo to be taken. We spent the year with each others picture on our I.D. and not being able to check out books from the library for fear of the consequences.  We all ditched our assigned lockers for five lined up together in a quiet hallway where we could talk without the nosy ears of other kids.  Most of us were on the cheerleading squad and so we spent tons of time together.  I’m not sure a day went by without Melly (Melanie), Trice (Latrice), Terese (Teresa) and Cookie (Choquette) being a part of it for nearly 10 years.
Prom Montage

I spent lunches with Latrice eating Ramen Noodles and watching Days of Our Lives.  We sometimes ditched first period to watch Jerry Springer.  That makes me laugh.  All of that quality education wasted on the worst kind of television programming.
Latrice and I
Those girls knew everything about me.  They watched every episode of Tashmica’s interchangeble playlist of boyfriends.  We all got sick on tequila together. Thankfully not all at the same time.  We partied together in Juarez, Mexico and promised we would always be friends.  So far so good.
Senior Award for Best Friends

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to chat with Shelley Davis Mielock and Tiffany Dowling on the In Her Shoes Talk Radio Show about high school.  They were preparing to party down like it’s 1988 at their 20th Class Reunion…well, not theirs but it’s a long story. We chatted about how everything in high school seemed so intensly important.  Do you remember that? Do you remember choosing clothing and making sure you never wore the same outfit twice.  Do you remember stressing about grades and whether you were going to be allowed to go to that party on Friday night?

More importantly, do you remember who you wanted to be?  I do and it involved a certain guitar that I have been able to play again lately.  We are old friends, music and I. Three kids just have been getting in our way. 
Performing at Young Life Camp

*sigh* Priorities and all…

To be honest, I think I am way awesom-er than what I thought I would be.  Not because of some uber success in my professional life but because I like where my choices have taken me.  I enjoy motherhood.  I love owning a business.  The words and music that seem to be creeping back into my life are just adding revelry into my unexpected journey. These are my glory days.

What has surprised you about the life you have now?

Dish. I want to hear it. :)


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Also, check out where Shelley and Tiffany get straight to the point on platforms that matter to women.

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