Tuesday Girls to the Rescue: Rule #2

The second rule of Tuesday Girls to the Rescue is, you DO NOT talk about Tuesday Girls to the Rescue.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this rule has been left extreme to follow the Fight Club theme.  Mainly because it makes me giggle and I love using pictures of Brad Pitt.

Even lookin’ all scuzzy, he looks good.

  I have not always been so lucky to belong to this secret society.  I have belonged to a few mommy groups; MOPS, Bible studies and a few different semi-regular play dates.  Around the time that Levi was born I was invited to come to this Tuesday meet up of women.  One of whom was already a friend of the heart.  The rest I didn’t really know very well at all.  

Once I started to come, they asked me not to.  

Yep, you heard me right.  They called and said today is not a good day for you to come.  One of the girls you don’t know so well is going through something and it would be uncomfortable for her to share with a stranger in the room.

Some of you may be feeling a little rustling of your feathers….

Nearly two years later and I am the one dealing with some issues.  They have taken what can only be described as a protective stance over my heart.  They have done the same thing for me by either not asking other women to join us or plain asking them to respect my privacy by staying away.  That is why you don’t talk about Tuesday Girls to the Rescue.  Not because other women are not worthy or because you have some elitist standards.  It’s because you guard the secrets and the hearts of friends that you love.

When I was asked not to come a couple of years ago, I understood.  I thought it was brave of them to risk offending me in an effort to protect a friend who was hurting.  I am not sure I would have done that.  It would never have occurred to me.  The lessons of life hadn’t taught me this yet.  

When creating your own group be sensitive to the needs of the women you invite.  Keep the group small and never be afraid to defend the size and the substance.  We are talking about cultivating true heart to heart relationships here.  This is not a social club whose success is determined by the number of attendees.  To determine the success of this secret society all members must feel safe and supported.


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