The Best Things in Life are Free

Today brought with it a little surprise.  Holly from Diamond Potential gave me an award! 

Awareness Award Button

Last Wednesday I participated in her Awareness Wednesday Blog Hop 
and shared my link to the 5 Reasons to Ride for Refuge.

Awareness Wednesday Button

Today I am going to take the opportunity to thank her very much for the award!
It’s my first one.

Thank You! Thank You!

And to shamelessly beg for donations to my cause!

I am excited to sacrifice my body for the game.
I am sure that this will build my character and my physical endurance.
This event will bring real and practical help to millions of people suffering.


I get some money!

That’s all I want!

Where your money will go….
In memory of Chuck Breen,  for his dedication and tireless efforts for the people of Sudan, the Michigan Darfur Coalition has established the “Charlton Breen Refugee Assistance Program Fund (CBRAPF).” In August of 2009, the Michigan Darfur Coalition launched CBRAPF to assist refugees from Sudan who are living in Michigan. Our goal is to help them become self-reliant. Assistance is provided on the basis of the refugee’s long term goals and our determination of how we can best help.

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