I think I may be ready to dish.

Are you listening….

I have a new job.  It is a perfect job.

I have worked with my husband on our family business for nearly 10 years.  We started very small and now we are much bigger.  I love our family business.  It brings me great pride to look at what we have created.  I have learned so many lessons during it’s development.

During six of those years I have felt a pull towards the non-profit sector.  If that is a surprise to you, this must be your first day reading my blog.

Welcome to my planet.

I have organized volunteers, fundraised and advocated in my “spare” time.  Opportunities have presented themselves in the past to go back to school or attempt a fellowship but I have always declined.  We need money to live people! I love service but I also like feeding my children.  So I have continued to work on our business with the intent of riding off into the sunset when we….

You see.  There is never a stopping point.  

A couple of months ago I was notified that a position was available working within an organization that I respected.  I shrugged it off as an impossibility.  The concept nagged at me.  So, I inquired.  The job description made me feel a bit under qualified in one area.  Education.  Did I mention I never quite finished college…:)

I applied anyway.

As of Monday, I am the Executive Assistant at the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project. 

Go ahead…..WOOOO HOOOO!!!

Okay, maybe you don’t know to celebrate.

I will get to get up every morning and work for an organization actively improving the lives of an entire community in Uganda.  The main office is located in Okemos. Just in case you were picturing a mass export of Toroks. 

I will get to raise money to support the education of orphans and loosen the grip of poverty on their future.  I will get to work with people who are dedicated to this vision.  I will get to do what I have always dreamed of…..and get paid for it! 

Some of the children I work for *squeal*

I know…What?!

I will be riding off into the sunset and our family business will be fine.  We are working out details and I still own it with my husband.  I will be leaving the day to day operations.  As a family, we have decided that this Project is where I am supposed to be.  Everything else is negotiable.  It is still difficult to leave.  It hurts my heart.  I love our business. 

This is not really the whole story.  Someday maybe I will give you a full plate.  

Today, just know that I am excited to be following a new path.  I’m nervous and the route to this destination has not been clear, comfortable or without booby traps.  I’m here though.  Thank God.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!

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