A Rope

Dear God,

Okay.  We are now speaking again.  Thanks for waiting.  I know I have been a bit of a jerk lately.

I prayed for you to go big, or go home.  So you went big.

I will never understand why you listen to me.

Thank you for throwing me a rope.  It’s a short rope.  It doesn’t quite reach the ground. I can just barely touch it with the tips of my fingers.  But I am stretching to get to the place where you want me.

I am not prepared to testify yet.  I am still not clear on why you can’t just tap a girl on the shoulder.  I am not Bruce Almighty.  No need for the big show.

I say that but I have no record of any signs sent earlier.  Maybe I am a little Bruce Almighty.


Thank you for the new direction.  Thank you for the fantastic new job.  Thank you for teaching me new and powerful lessons about myself.  Thank you for my amazing children, family and friends.  Thank you for wine and chocolate.


Thanks for going big.  I’ll try to do the same.


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