Get Africa on the Horn!

A conversation between me and my oldest son Isaiah……
Oh, and Mom.

Yes, baby…

Good news for Africa! We should, I mean, I wish we could call them and tell them…

*silent giggle* What’s the news?

You know ______?  She has two kids and they are both doctors.

Oh really?

Yeah. And, guess what? 


They are going to Africa to work….FOR FREE.


Yeah. So all the sick people in Africa can get help….FOR FREE.

That is amazing!

Yeah.  That’s why I wish we could call them and let them know. Now all of the people that don’t have enough money to go to the doctor can go.  Isn’t that great mom?

Yes, baby.  That is great.

There was a time in Isaiah’s childhood where the only country that existed outside of our own was Africa.  Call it the product of a hyper focused mother.  Every time he heard anyone speaking a different language he would tug at my sleeve, motion for me to bend down and then whisper in my ear, 
“Mommy, I think those people are from Africa.”  
I was so excited when my best friend Tiff bought him a UNICEF book detailing the needs of children all over the world.  She helped me broaden his little horizons.

I wish that life were as simple as two doctors working for free and a phone call to Africa so they could prepare.  
I love my baby and his mind.
I suppose doing your part is that simple.  You do as much as you can without concern for what cannot be done.  If we all focused on the impossibilities we would all give up before we had begun.

So….somewhere in Africa two doctors are going to do their part.  They have never met my son but they inspire him.  
Maybe someday their will be three doctors….

One thought on “Get Africa on the Horn!

  1. If not a doctor, an International Justice Lawyer;)

    Love that boy! I think he takes after his momma:)
    And I know this girl named Anna who would be PERFECT for him….

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