Tuesday Girls to the Rescue: Rule #4

The 4th rule of Tuesday Girls to the Rescue is, try to keep the group small.  
Ya’ll probably thought that I was done with these type of posts.  I have to admit that my new job has kept me very busy.  They don’t call it a full time job for nothin’! I have actually missed my Tuesday morning coffee twice!  This week, I am setting up some better boundaries regarding my new position and I will be sitting around that table by the time you read this.  
How many times have you gone out for a MNO (Mom’s Night Out) and found yourself wading through a mass of surface discussion.  Around the table sits many, many women of varying degrees of friendship all looking for an evening of escape, camaraderie and connection.  For me, it can be overwhelming and I am no wall flower.  I love parties. I love social settings in general.  I will talk the ear off of a cashier if given the opportunity.
I can sum up the topics of conversation very easily.
  • children and their antics
  • husbands and their antics
  • household pet peeves
  • budget savings
  • shopping
  • labor and delivery stories
  • discipline of any form
Now, please don’t take me for saying that the above is meaningless conversation.  I’m not.  I love to laugh over all of these topics.  We all relate to each other because the stories are priceless and the material endless.  What I am saying is that in a large setting of women it is difficult to talk about your heart.  We put our questions and responses on auto pilot.

How are you? = Great! And you? 

and the like.

When I sit down with a few women that I have gotten to know very well my responses are true.  I can say that I am not fine.  I can let down my guard.  We can all allow vulnerability. We can address real issues in our lives in a way that makes us feel some solidarity.  

My dear friend, Heather
When I go to MNO’s, I talk about the generic topics but I am seeking a heart to heart friend.  I have a few now, which makes the MNO’s less about seeking as they are about comfortably sharing.  I think every girl needs a bosom buddy like Ann of Avonlea.  We all need someone to share our lives with outside of those we marry and give birth to.  Women that can remind us that we are individuals and that our person does not end with the four walls of our home and the bodies of our family.  

My prayer is that for every Naomi, there is a Ruth and for every David, there is a Jonathon.

Love Always,


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