Teela Na

I have vague memories of playing with a plastic toy. It had a bird head and a cloak of feathers.  Maybe.  I’m kind of fuzzy on details.  What I know for sure, is that anytime I played HeMan with my brother, I had dibs.  This week on Facebook many of my friends are changing thier profile picture to support “Stop Violence Against Children” and this memory came back to me. 

I thought for a minute and remembered her.  I couldn’t remember her name.  Thank you Wikipedia.

She was Teela Na.  The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull.

She was AWESOME and I loved her.

Children all over the world face violence in homes, as child soldiers, by family, by strangers, as victims of sexploitation.  The assault on children is long reaching and diverse in tactic.  When Dr. Phil says,

“When you abuse a child, you change who they are.”

it sounds so cliche.  It is sadly the truth.  Children are being broken every day.  Their hearts like day old playdough, are becoming hard and crumbly.  They move through the world avoiding emotion, true connections and experiences that neccesitate vulnerability. It is a walk through the valley of death to regain ground stolen before you knew to protect it.  I know this part from exprience.

Many grow up to perpetuate the abuse they suffered. And around we go.

While reading my wikipedia notes about Teela Na, I found this quote.  It is what her predecessor told her before she became the protector of Castle Grayskull.

“It will not be an easy task, Teela Na. You will fight many battles, see great sadness, and great joy. As Keeper of Castle Grayskull you must fight a constant war against evil, and comfort those in need.”

Maybe a few adults could take a similar pledge on behalf of the children in the world.  They are all ours. 

Every one of them. 

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