A Written Record

Dear friends,

This has been quite a year.  I feel like gasping for air when I think of all that I have been blessed enough to be a part of.  I have taken a bit of a pause from blogging for….nearly three weeks (had to go check) over the holidays and the last thing I wrote was a bit of a downer.  It was also how I was feeling at the time. The Mother Flippin’ Blog has become a written record of how I was feeling, what I was learning and what I was laughing at

I have been writing these little blog posts for over a year now.  I have shared with all of you little bits and peices of my life.  It feels like I have opened the window to my home and waved you over from across the street to share a coffee with me.  A part of me has felt bare in the vulnerability.  I am more myself when I write than during any other time and that can be very revealing.  I am grateful to all of you for reading, commenting and sharing with me the lessons I have learned this year.  I will be writing a few notes to wrap up the year soon.  I will also be updating the pages on my site because I feel like everything about me, my family and our life has changed this year. 
First, I  needed to share my gratitude with all of you for making this year so Mother Flippin’ enjoyable.  :)
I love that life is a journey.  It is not easy or predictable but it continues on.  Every moment is an opportunity to redeem the day.  I am thoughtfully considering which paths to take this year and I am excited about the adventure (right, Vilma?). 
Here’s to all of you and your own journeys….salud!
The Unsinkable Tashmica

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