Nerf Warfare

Every Christmas we have a nerf battle.  Nerf weapons and artillery are a staple on our Christmas lists.  We even buy extra ammunition just to make sure we don’t run out too soon.  I am convinced that someday a wall will be busted down in our home to find thousands of little lost nerf bullets from our playful warfare.  This year during our battle, it occured to me that some of our statements during the melee were worthy of recording.  So here are a few photos and comments that made me laugh during our most recent nerf war. 

For the record: Isaiah was eternally banned
 from ever wearing those pajamas again. 
Fat guy in a little coat comes to mind…

There’s a zombie….there’s a zombie butt!
(comment made when I was discovered putting away laundry…and then I bent over to put something away.)

Don’t shoot the baby. He’s unarmed.
(Clearly his job is loading the clip)

Honey, I’m going in for a frontal assault.
(Yep, this one was me…too much military movie watching as a kid, I guess.)

I almost left this one out because of the clear dorkiness going on here.

 Mom, come on!  I want to shoot you!  Can we put my gun together now?!

Clearly, not the only dorky person in the family. Pot, meet kettle.

Really, one of us should be shooting
while the other reloads….
(My husband’s tactical planning in a nerf battle against our two oldest children….I just cocked my eyebrow and laughed.  So did he.)

We have a blast racing through the house, hiding behind door ways, jumping out from behind things and pelting each other with foam bullets.  We usually end up breathlessly laughing on the floor fighting over leftover ammunition.  A tradition built by accident and memories built on purpose. 

Nerf battles have become a Christmas tradition in our household. It’s a wild and crazy afternoon at our house. What are some of the traditions that are important to you and yours during the holidays?

To see photos and read some quotes from our latest battle visit my blog;

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