Thoughtfully Considered

I am a sucker for a great gift.  It’s my love language.  I don’t need extravagant or costly.  I just need to be thought of.  I think it stems from my love of surprises.  When something unexpected and good falls into my hands I am delighted.  Whether it be an extra cup of coffee purchased for me by a friend or my son sweetly bringing me my coat in the morning, I love to know I’ve been considered.

My husband has been up to something for a few months.  I knew it.  My son actually wrote me a note that said roughly..

“Mom, dad is finishing the attic for you. Just thought you should know. Love, Isaiah”

This coming from a seven year old, I just pretended not to hear.  Consider the source.  This is the same kid that tells me he never sleeps at night.  He just closes his eyes.  I didn’t get my hopes up based on his testimony.  However when my husband told me he had a gift in the attic for me that he had to keep warm, I became suspicious that my son had turned narc on his father.

I began to jokingly ask Paul if he had fed my puppy yet today.  Is the maid you hired cold tonight?  You may want to get her an extra blanket.  Is it a fish tank and you don’t want the fish to freeze? 

On Christmas day my husband gave me a new guitar book, picks, a capo and 5 guitar lessons at the local music store.  He bought me a iTunes gift card (as if I wouldn’t have spent money on that myself) and a beautiful glass mosaic mirror.  Once all of our gifts were open and the children were quietly playing with their new booty, he grabbed my hand and guided me to my last surprise.

He had indeed finished the attic so that I would have my own quiet place to write….

It’s not completely done.  He sweetly admitted that he ran out of money before he could finish it.  We are headed out to look for carpet and paint today.  The window faces the beautiful purple tree I love so much and I think that area will be lovely in the summer.

My husband gave me a gift that honored my ambitions.  He sees who I am, who I wish to become and what would bless me the most.  A quiet room where I can get away from the world and write. 

I was thoughtfully considered and now I get to spend this year decorating my office. 



What was the most thoughtful gift you received this Christmas? What made the gift so touching?
What was the most thoughtful gift you gave to someone you loved?
Check out the wonderful gift my husband gave me

5 thoughts on “Thoughtfully Considered

  1. That's beautiful! Isn't it wonderful to have someone value your dreams for yourself? Very happy for you. The most thoughtful gift I got for Christmas was, well.. two things. One was a weight bench with weights and the other was cash for my camera fund. Two things that are very important to me. So sweet. I gave my husband an electricians kit, even though he has most of the tools in the kit it was something he really wanted and I was happy to get him something other than what he needed. :)

  2. It sounds as if each of your gifts were thoughtful and loving. I can't wait to read the many more blogs and articles that you know you will write in your new haven. Good job Paul!

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