A Wordy Wordless Wednesday: Alter Ego

My family is special.  We walk around and mingle with normal citizens but we are hiding a secret.  Our secret has been easily hidden until just recently when Isaac let the cat out of the bag around our dinner table.

Let me give you some background perfectly exemplified by a private (no longer) conversation between me and my guy.

My Guy:  I want to help you more.  Saving the world can be difficult by yourself.

Me: For mere mortals….

Me & My Guy:  *loads of laughter*

I have always thought that I had super powers typically identified in the normal world as A.D.D.  A power that allows me to be uber creative, hyper focused and easily distracted all at once, depending on the topic.

Contain your jealousy.

Apparently my children have super powers too….and alter egos.  Unlike many super heroes, because children are involved, we have to release our identifying information.  How else would we know where to sit at the dinner table?

My Guy


Mommy :)
Note:  I have a rule that stickers are only meant to be put on paper.  Not furniture, floors, walls or (eeeeek!) windows but the kid made ME Wonder Woman.  I let this one slide.

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