Writing for The New Citizens Press has been a blast!  I have been contributing a column biweekly and have started writing stories on a regular basis.  I am their newest reporter.
I know! What!?  Yep. *proud smile*

Anywho….I have this weird disease called voyeurism.  I always want to be a fly on the wall. 


Well with the exception of a few….and those typically include nudity and inappropriate behavior.

…..but I digress.

I have been given this powerful privilege.  I get to ask all kinds of questions and people are inclined to answer.  Once I have all their answers, I get to share it with you.  Some people may call that journalism or communications.  I like to call it listening.  I keep my heart and mind open to people and their stories. 

I feel honored when they tell me about their business dreams, personal challenges are allow me to review their work. 

Tonight, I am writing this post from the Biggby on Jolly and Dunckel (which closes at nine…just in case you are a full time job havin’ freelance writer and you need a night spot to write….this ain’t it people.  However, for a quick interview, it’s perfect). 

 I am waiting to interview one of the winners of The New Citizens Press Staying the Course Award that will be given at their 10 Year Anniversary Party. 

 “Stay the course” is a phrase used in the context of a war or battle meaning to pursue a goal regardless of any obstacles or criticism.

Do you know people in your life that have stayed the course pushing through, over and around obstacles and regardless of criticisms?  Did they survive disease, addiction, depression, poverty or abuse?  This life provides many a circumstance that can inspire survival.  My list is rather short here.  Were you there to watch their descent?  More importantly, were you there to celebrate their journey to eventual survival.

I am thinking of those people in my life right now. It may be time to call them up and salute their challenges.   

This is one of two interviews that will eventually be available online at that I hope will inspire, encourage and motivate you in your life’s journey.

Peace and Grace,


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