Good Happits

I have a thing for handwritten letters.  I love to write them but I love to receive them.  I have seen the requests in the past to write a soldier.  Any soldier.  I have never participated.  I’m not sure why.  I’m American so you can pick one of three reasons;
A.) Busyness
B.) Self Involvement
C.) Ungratefulness

or there is option D.) All of the above

it’s cool.  
I choose D. 
Not because I am a bad, selfish person.  It’s just that all are true in one way or another.

Recently a friend of mine started a Facebook Page called Happit by Ginny.  Every week she posts little acts that can improve the world.  I love that idea.  
Duh, cause it works. We can all do something everyday to improve the world for ourselves, our children, our community and sometimes globally.  Warm fuzzies abound.

So last week the mission was to write a letter of thanks to a soldier.  

This week’s Happit is not free, sorry. Send a letter of thanks to a soldier in Afghanistan. You are welcome to include your email in the letter if you care to correspond with the soldier. All letters should be addressed to “Dear Soldier” and placed in a stamped envelop addressed to:

1LT Ashley Pflug
Attn: Any Soldier®
HHC, 8th Engineer Battalion
APO AE 09355

1LT Pflug will deliver the letter to a soldier for you.


The other night, I pulled out my stationary and away we wrote.  We each had one of our older children draw a picture to accompany our notes of gratitude.  We talked about soldiers and the sacrifice they are making on our behalf (regardless of politics).  Tomorrow they will go in the mail an eventually some poor soldier is going to be forced to read the grateful ramblings of the Toroks.  

At least he or she will get a cool drawing out of it. 


“Like” Happit by Ginny and send a letter too!

One thought on “Good Happits

  1. Hello, I saw you'd stopped by my blog and thought I'd check yours out as well. Thanks for sharing the Happit by Ginny FB page, I've “Liked” it and look forward to seeing more from her.

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