Keenly Aware: A Follow Up

I am a working mother now.  Not a big deal considering that about 51% of the work force is women and I think it would be safe to assume that many have children.  I get up, herd the cattle out the door and head to the office.  At the end of the day, I feed the herd and start the steady bedtime routine.  It feels a little weird.  
None of this is done or even possible without my husband who just happens to be an amazingly involved father.

I used to be there as soon as the school doors popped open in the morning (well, not long after anyway) and before the doors opened to a flood of escaping children everyday.  *sigh*  

I miss that.
Let me show you what I didn’t miss after my last post about becoming Keenly Aware of how precious my time with my little stinkers truly is.
You can visit my flicker photo stream to see pics of my eldest and I ice skating at a birthday party.  He totally rocked the ice.  I did not expect that.  I knew I was going to spend the entire hour hunched over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame trying to keep him upright and hours later with a heating pad on my back.
Early in the morning, long before the rooster crows and God stretches out His arms….yep, it was around 7:15am.  I hereby petition the world to start after 11am.  I hate mornings.
You will also see pics of my middle helping my eldest make his lunch for the day in his footed pajamas. 
*heart melted*
Boring stuff.  I know.  A real yawner of a post.
I savored it though.  If I were in to McRib sandwiches, I would compare the taking part in the mundane to the return of said meat byproduct. This is the stuff dreams are made of.  Brothers lovingly serving each other, moms ice skating hand in hand with little sons and hocky.
Oh yeah,
there has also been hockey and my boy sometimes plays next to the Brick.  Or was that the Brick Wall?  Either way,  He is the goal tender and he is that intimidating.  Best of all, he’s my son’s best bud and it’s lovely to watch Isaiah defend the goal next to his bestie
….wait, boys probably don’t have besties.  Let’s say his bro.  Yeah, now that’s turning up the testosterone.  
(I should also mention that the Brick’s family is pretty amazing too and includes a bestie for 4 out of the 5 people in the Torok family)
I have sequestered intense writing time to after bedtime.  I am waking up a bit earlier and treating my job, amazing job though it is, like a job and coming home like my children are my highest ambition. 
Because they are my highest ambition. 
Like I said before. Keenly Aware.

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