Good Lies

My husband is a liar.  A teller of tall tales. A silver tongued snake!
I have never been able to trust him.
Just before the holidays, he kept saying that me and the kids should get out, visit friends and tour the town.
While we were gone, he was doing this!
This morning, he said he was going to work.  He wasn’t.  He was stopping by the closest Biggby to get his insomnia ridden, sleep deprived wife a skinny, skinny white lightening.  His wife who was thinking of swearing off caffeine so that maybe, God willing she could sleep tonight.  The same wife who knows that after a night of insomnia, she would literally DIE without caffeine.  Her children would be hiding from her in the closet by noon, the exact time her withdrawal symptoms would hit the fan.
I could have made my own coffee.  He didn’t have to deceive me.  He didn’t have to climb the stairs quietly, sneak into the bathroom and place it in the hand not holding my flat iron.  
But he did and I am so grateful.

Someday my children will pose the question,

“Is there such thing as a good lie?”

I will say yes.  I will point to the office my husband conceived and built for me.   I will tell them of the flowers sitting in random spots, conspicuously bursting with my husband’s love.  I will tell them about all of the times I could tell by the bank statement that something was coming but I lied by omission, keeping my husbands secrets.
I love when he lies to me. I hope someday they lie to their wives in just the same way.

3 thoughts on “Good Lies

  1. I read this wonderful article once that said if a friend called you in tears at 2 a.m. and asked, “Did I wake you?” you'd say, “No! Of course not! I was up!” b/c really, what's to be gained by saying, “Yes, I was sound asleep”? They'd just say, “I'm sorry!” and you'd say, “It's okay.” Why not just skip that whole lame conversation? I believe it's sometimes more thoughtful to lie in consideration of another's feelings.

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