To Do

I am still on this New Year’s Resolution thing.  I keep thinking about it. 
Hyper focus, much?
I have some strange to dos.  They are things I have wanted to do for a while now.  Things that sit in the back of my mind and nag at me.  Here are 5 Things that I’d like to do this year.

Strange or not.

1.) Deliver hot chocolate (on a cold day) or cold water (on a hot day) to random bus stops.  Can you imagine how this would make someone’s day? 
2.) There is a guy down the street who plays music on the corner to earn a living.  I would like to sing with him one day.  Who knows? Maybe it will help his profit margin.  I really just want to know more about him.  He is always there.  Hot, cold or rainy he stands their playing his guitar.  Curious.
3.) I have been meaning to try Ethiopian cuisine for years and their is a restaurant called Altu’s that I hear is pretty good.  I’d love to invite some ladies for a Mom’s night out adventurer style. Actually, numero uno could be a group outing too. 
4. ) Repel the Boji Tower.  It’s a super tall tower in downtown Lansing.  It’s all to raise money for Team Lansing.  I think living here makes me a part of the team.  You should donate to my page or this won’t happen, the city will be less cool and I’ll be sad. :)
5.) Starting this Sunday, I am going to attempt Roller Derby.  I am super excited.  I’ve already got a derby name.  I have discussed it with four other people and once I know if this new derby addiction is going to pan out, I’ll share it.  
Tell the truth.  Edge. Of. Your. Seats.
I know. 
You should come to the next derby match! I’ll be there!
Visit the event page for details on how you can get tickets….St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

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