The T-Stop

I tried.  I laced up Jess’s rainbow shoe laced skates and went into the rink.  I let her show me how to put on the wrist guards (I tried to put them on backwards).  If you saw me, you would know I wore no makeup and didn’t do my hair.  Of course I didn’t take pictures.  I have a pimple….okay so I dabbed some concealer on that but mostly I was primp free.
Today their was no Derby 101 *frown*.  That is the actual training course for baby Derby Vixens.  Today was an open skate to practice skills on your own.
What skills, I ask you?!
However, today was a lovely day to get my skating legs underneath me.  I skated around the rink and felt my calve muscles tighten up.  I lost my balance in slow little jerks but I didn’t fall.  Truth be told, looking at the real Lansing Derby Vixens with knee pads, wrist guards and helmets on, falling is not really a concern.  I would like to fall doing something awesome instead of trying to stop myself from going .0001 miles per hour.
I learned how to do a T-Stop.  I learned in theory.  I am still trying to get the concept in action.  So far so good.  One of the more experienced new girls gave me some tips and I practiced the T-Stop until my doing it sucked less than when I started.  A good place to start while trying to learn a fast paced, contact sport on wheels is how to stop.
I asked questions about the technical skills you have to learn before you can actually join team practices.  It’s all about safety.  Learning how to not hurt yourself or the women around you…or yourself. :)
So this week I will wait for next week’s chance to put on my skates.  The ones I borrow.  The women I met today kept saying that Derby is addicting.  I can feel myself getting the itch. I will think some more on my derby name.  I think I have one.  It clears the database of used names which is awesome.  However, I won’t share it until I’m sure I can participate.  Otherwise it’s just a really cool name for no one I know.
Don’t forget to come out and support our local Lansing Derby Vixens in their bout with the Floral City Roller Girls at the Lansing Center February 12th.  Tickets are available online here.  I will probably be helping out in some way.  Hope to see you there!!!

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