Staying the Course

I struggle.  Sometimes it’s with my own demons and sometimes it’s with the spaghetti jar. 

My darkest struggles seem overwhelming.  They seem to go on as far as the horizon.  When I am in the midst of my own struggle, sometimes I need to hear the stories of survivors.  I need to know that the battles of others that seemed to reach into forever were survived.  I am kind of in that place now.

That is why I enjoyed so much interviewing the recipients of the Staying the Course Award given by The New Citizens Press.  Addie said God told her she would be fine and she believed.  Phyllis said that she was not managing her life well but things have gone just fine since she placed that job in His able hands.  Above and beyond the fight against illness and for sobriety I heard the story of faith and it blessed me.

Read the article I wrote.  Be blessed. Find Faith. 

Celebrating 10 Years by Honoring Two Women

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