The High Wire

I found this in my drafts.  Started, completed and never shared.  Huh? Where did you come from?  So just know, that I am not making stuff up.  For mothers in Michigan, it is obviously not soccer season.  The New American Tale event has been over for eons and….details in this are not timely.  The story, the search for balance, still applies.  Apparently someone, at sometime asked me for a commentary on this topic.  I hope it’s not too late.




But what does it all mean!!!!

I am certain that balance doesn’t exist for mothers.  For those of you who requested a post on balance or how I do it all, this may be a major disappointment.  However, I did promise to be honest with you.  I think it’s a lie perpetuated by men to drive us crazy.  Or maybe it’s perpetuated by women with nannies, personal chefs and trainers.  I have a few conspiracy theories.

Somehow, I got the idea in my head that motherhood would look like this…

Most of the time, it looks like this….
So far this week, I have schleped kids to school and soccer and back.  I have signed things barely read, ridden a bike farther than ever before and gone back to work after a two week hiatus.  I have tidied, cleaned, folded and put away…well, I’m going to today.  I have had drinks with a girlfriend (that I adore) and planned for a new business initiative or two.  How do I do it all?

My husband.  He schleps, folds, cooks and even has been known to start my car and my coffee.  Seriously, the man is good.  We have our moments but he knows how to step up.  You see those kids up there.  They are not just mine.  They are his.  He accepts his responsibility and simply put, his ability to take care of them.  That is comforting.  Imagine your untimely death.  Would your kids end up like Jane Eyre  Or would daddy handle his business.  
Side note:  In the Bible, it says that a wife of noble character is her husband’s crown.  If you have noble character, your husband should be happy to wear that crown. His wife’s accomplishments only add jewels.  But that is my humble opinion…
My family and friends are the gold standard.  For whatever reason, they are always there for us.  Above and beyond.  I’m not sure what we have done to deserve them but I never take them for granted.  I try to always be willing to return the favor.  
Honestly, the time they give to me is a gift.  The kind you almost feel bad taking because it’s way past the price limit set on the gift exchange.
I’m not sure about balance.  On any given day, my schedule appears to be from someone else’s life.  It is very fluid and I like it that way.  I eat adrenaline for breakfast.  The movement keeps me sane.  It keeps me feeling relevant.  Most importantly, it forces continued growth. 
Margins….one of my best girlfriend mentioned having margins in my life for peace.  
I am pondering that.
Hmmm.  Margins
I love Tuesday Girls to the Rescue…
My weekly bike rides provide and hour each time…
Playing my guitar every other day….
I think I may have some margins now.  It’s a struggle to sit my self down.  To say, enough.  I do it though.  
No really!!!
I don’t practice the search for balance.  I set priorities in my mind and I start knocking them out like a fierce game of Whack a Mole.  Today’s priorities are the grocery store, contacting the round table participants for A New American Tale and yep, It’s Tuesday, so meeting with my girls.  Tomorrows priorities will be different.  I will wake up and begin again. 

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