Boom! Boom! Boom!

There are songs that I have sung to my children since they were little bitty babies.  They are not typical nursery songs but they each hold a message.  I hope that they pick up on my innuendos when I sing to them.  It occurs to me now that I still have not put them all on an actual playlist.
That will have to go on my to do list…
A few of the songs I dedicate to them include No One by Alicia Keys, By Your Side by Sade and A Baby Changes Everything by Faith Hill. I could go on and on.  I love when a song says it all.
Every time I hear Firework by Katy Perry I think of my children.  I tried to dislike her music.  I did.  There are reasons to.  There are reasons to dislike all kinds of music but the video tipped me over the edge. 
I love this song.


Imagine that every parent thought of their child as an individual waiting for their spark to be lit.  Better yet.  Imagine that the spark is lit and our responsibility is just to stand back in awe.  Yes, morals, manners and guidance are all needed.  What if we decided that those things are housekeeping in the real struggle to not stifle the amazing possibilities that our children were uniquely created to discover in themselves?
I want my children to walk around with sparks bursting from their chests.  When I gave birth, I believe my labor and delivery room looked just like the one in this video. 
I didn’t light the fire.  God did.  Ya dig?
It is my job to place my hands around the little sparks and blow on them.  I want their lives to simulate bonfires, laser light shows and well, fireworks. When I hear the lyrics
Boom, Boom, Boom, 
I see
Isaiah, Isaac and Levi.
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon…
What if all parents went Ah, Ah, Ah when they saw their child take an interest in something.  I did not say excel.  I meant an interest.  An interest that could become a passion.  Every day with your child is another opportunity to help them discover the possibilities. 
I hate my son’s DS.  I think Pokemon is stupid.  Making potions in my kitchen is messy and wasteful.  Reading with my oldest son is a painful, arduous task.  Letting Levi walk by himself rather than being carried (or strolled) cramps my style.  Housekeeping, people!
What if my son decides to create video games?  What if science becomes a passion?  What will they discover as they explore?  I will never know if I let their interests be dictated by my own preferences. 
Katy Perry, you inspire me.  Dog gone it. It’s true.

4 thoughts on “Boom! Boom! Boom!

  1. Very cool- I feel your pain about liking something Katy Perry has done! My 6 year old firework has actually been singing this song after hearing it on the radio but I had never noticed the lyrics before.(why would I – just another chick pop song…)Thankyou for enlightening me.

  2. Do a tiny amount of research on Pokemon. It's like “loving” dog fighting. Seriously. Your “pets” perform better for you the more patiently and lovingly you train them. I still don't know all the details but I know enough to be excited when something “evolves” and I know that Magikarp is a joke but Garridos is not. :)

  3. I love this. It's so sweet that he's singing the fireworks song. Much better than my 4 year old who is currently singing (the clean version) I'm on a Boat. It doesn't hurt if I try to guide my little firework into being a 3 star Michelin chef though, does it?


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