Cage Fight

Dear God,
Hi there.  How’s it been going?
I have been doing well.  The ache is getting duller which makes me think that my season of lamentations may be starting to end.  Every day my eyes are less heavy and my movements more natural.  Life is feeling a bit more manageable.
This time in my life has not been easy.  You and I are circling the ring lately. 
In one corner…creator of the universe…
And in the other…creator of…nothing without His help…
This time has been so revealing.  Revealing truths about myself, my relationships and my faith.  I am tired and I want so much for it to be over but I can’t help but recognize the something that is afoot.  The re-breaking of bones broken before and healed incorrectly.  The shifting of the plates in the earth beneath me.
I have noticed something else.  I am feeling a little attacked.  Just a smidge.  Like spiritual warfare kind of attacked. 
So in a game of let’s fight fair could you maybe have a chat with the devil.  Or send a few of your angels.
I prepared a script…
“So, that Tashmica.  You’ve been kind of going after her a bit lately.  She’s struggling a lot already.  Give her a break.  I mean, she is really not that big of a threat.  Her conversion rate is really low and she is not evangelical in her approach.  She is not the Pope, nor does she have the reach of Oprah. Back the F off!!”
Okay.  So maybe an angel wouldn’t drop the F Bomb but he’d be really tough on my behalf right?
I’m starting to feel like this is a cage match with three opponents and I don’t like it one bit. I am not sure whether it is really appropriate to ask you for mafia style protection while I wrestle with you over my own issues but that’s what I need.  If you are the God who is an ever present help in my time of need…then I need.  
As a side note…If you and I were really walking to the ring, what song would you choose to play?  MC Hammer’s You Got To Pray or Ave Maria or Our God is an Awesome God?  Off the top of my head I hear….She’s a bad mama jama….for myself.  :)
Thanks for the chat,

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