We Reserve the Right

I never thought it would happen.  I never thought I would participate in Throat Punch Thursday.

But alas…

Last night I went to bed wrung out.  Nothing to say.  I watched Criminal Minds, one of my favorite shows and Blue Bloods.  My guy watches Criminal Minds for me.  He hates the gore and the reasons behind why people commit these horrific crimes.  I watch Blue Bloods for him.  I think the writers of the show have thrown every cop show ever made into a blender and hit blend.  It drives me crazy.
I had no intention of writing anything until I saw this on the news last night….
I promised long ago that I would never use this blog to talk badly of another person but this made me so mad.  Not because I don’t like guns.  I grew up in a military family where I was taught to fire a weapon at seven years old.  Now that I live in a state that holds hunting in high regard, I don’t assume I will never have to approach firearms in my parenting repertoire.  I have even thought about taking a few gun safety classes in preparation for my almost 8 year old’s legal hunting career begins at 12 (with an adult). 
It’s not that I want to pop a cap.  I just want to know how. Sucka!
We already have plans for him to go hunting with my Uncle Eric or Paul’s brother John.  Safe, thoughtful hunters and loving parents.
There are two things that had me calling this guy names all night and into the morning. 
#1 Do you know who uses the library?  Those haunting scary looking people outside are the working poor, the refugees, the unemployed, the middle class stay-at-home moms, the business students, the teens who have no place to go after school, the small business owners, the literate and illiterate looking to learn…everyone. Let’s start behaving like we should fear everyone. 

They all look scary.  I better grab my gat. 

#2 If you choose to make a stand on your beliefs.  Do it around your own children/teens.  Do not walk into the library my family uses and sit yourself in the children section (reported on channel 6 last night).  I will teach my children about firearms.  I don’t think I would be so pissed if he and his friends sat in the reference section.  Truly.
In this case carrying a gun is allowable in our society but not always appropriate.  That’s why we have zones where we are not allowed to carry them. Government offices, airports, schools, sporting events and libraries fall into that category.
As for the three men who are making this their cause. Guns in libraries.  Not poverty, or inner city homelessness or I don’t know, literacy.  For these three men…
I wonder if this sign applies.

*I do have to note that the library should never discriminate against race, class, sex, creed…blah, blah, legal jargon.  But they should discriminate against general douchyness.

2 thoughts on “We Reserve the Right

  1. This is definitely a part of American culture I'm glad we don't have in NZ.
    I am loving your blog by the way – it is so nice to see something about motherhood and God that is not 'homeschooling 10 kids domestic goddess.' And so nice to read some stuff about God and social justice/mission that is from a Moms point of view (rather than male, DINKs etc.).
    Not to mention the Roller Derby stuff as well – I have also started this year so it makes me laugh reading about someone else fumbling through it!

  2. Far out! That is some story! We don't really have an issue with this is Aus (yet) getting a gun license is tough but getting a license to carry in public is pretty much impossible! I do really wonder at the “need” to have a gun in public at all let alone the library? I mean, I know some of those book are frightening and librarians are some of the scariest people I know….but really????

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