Tuesday Girls to the Rescue: Rule #6

The sixth rule of Tuesday Girls to the Rescue is No shirts or shoes… 

If your picturing a bunch of topless, barefoot women sitting around drinking coffee then


It’s really not that kind of party.

I am a great faker.  I have studied the art of making an appearance my entire life.  It’s hard to explain how well I do it.  I spent my childhood pretending to not be damaged.  Who are we kidding?  I have spent most of my life pretending, avoiding the effects of the child abuse I suffered.  I hated any weakness in me.  Crying in front of people was a skill that had to be learned.  A gift of vulnerability that I celebrate now.

As I matured, I was attracted to activities that deepened that skill.  I performed musically and dramatically.  I knew how to smile through pain, discomfort, sadness and mistakes.  Professionally, this is a skill and a talent.  However, when this *talent* begins to spill over into your personal life, it starts to steal your authenticity.
When Tuesday mornings arrive, I know that I can just be me.  To be frank, sometimes when I look perfectly poised and put together, it is my best defense mechanism. As I mature and recognize the value of vulnerability in all of my relationships, I become less likely to hide my problems.  I can wear my ugly shoes, my hat over undone hair and leave my jewelry at home.  Tuesday girls aren’t judging by appearance, they are waiting to hear my heart.
Having a lovely, supportive circle of women around you while learning these lessons is vital. I hope you find your circle.  It is a very fine thing.

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