Your Mother Flippin’ Experience

After writing a particularly revealing post, I always place my laptop in my husband’s lap and ask him his thoughts.  His first reaction is usually to tell me how good a post is and then he worries.  He worries that something I have written, some vulnerability will be used against me.  He knows as well as I do how awful anonymous commentators can be.  He also knows about the commentators of the personal kind that can be worse than awful.

I cannot tell you the details.  I cannot share the entire story…or stories of the people who have reached out to say what some of these posts have meant to them.  I cannot tell you why or which posts they related to the most.  I do know that my words have affected others in a way I never expected.  It’s the only reason I am not afraid of the criticisms I have received or may receive if I continue to be honest with you.

The love always seems to out weigh the haters in the end.

*shake the haters off*

If you scroll back up, you’ll see that I have created a survey.  In the spirit of inspiring, empowering and serving, I want to know from all of you what would make you Mother Flippin’ Experience a little better. The entire survey is 10 questions and should take less than 5 minutes.


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