Wordless Wednesday: A Romantic Interlude

It all began with a shower.  A peaceful, hot winter shower.  If you have been reading this blog, you’ll know that a lot lf my problems begin with me thinking I can go and take a shower. For some reason, although a theory proven to be untrue every time, I still believe my children will behave themselves while I’m washing up.  By children, I mean the two year old mob boss living in my home. 

Valentine’s Day was no different.  I hoped in the shower and it was lovely and uneventful.  I got dressed, finished my hair and makeup, accessorized, all the while thinking my two year old was playing with his trains in his bedroom.  After I was finished getting ready for my day, I came down stairs for my coffee and found a romantic interlude for two.  Just like in the soap operas.
It was more like a St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.  My two year old climbed up on the dining room table, knocked over a vase full of roses, plucked all their petals out and left the carnage for mommy to fine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!
I should mention that while I was in the shower Levi did appear in the doorway with a rose stem.  Odd but yet again, not enough to make me end my shower early.  When, oh when, will I learn?
I don’t think anything will ever trump a quiet, hot winter shower……barring certain injury.
To those of you who have participated in my survey, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
If you haven’t done so already, please join in and give me some honest feedback.  

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: A Romantic Interlude

  1. I schedule showers. I'm not even kidding. Showers must occur before Daddy leaves for work in the morning (before 6:15 a.m.) or when I can count on my 10 yr. old to be awake and attentive to the 2 yr. old. Even then, I leave the bathroom door open so I can listen. Cold? Yes — but “soapy Mommy” has stopped many a disaster from occurring when something didn't sound quite right out there. HA!

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