Brand New Skates

Today is Derby 101 and…..
Okay, so they are clearly not new. They are my friend Audrey Floorburn’s. She is letting me borrow them until I am for sure not going to suck rocks attempting Roller Derby. As you can see, they have rad multicolor star shoe strings and duct tape protecting the toes. The wheels are pretty cute too.
I’m just excited that they say tuner…you know, cause I’m kind of a music nut! So today I will go and work out. I hope it goes well. I should mention that all of the Vixens are supportive and very accepting of new baby vixens. No skepticism or quizzical looks.

You. Really. I can’t wait to knock you over.

They are all lovely and helpful….for women who will knock you over eventually. :)
Attending their last bout only made me want to participate more. It’s not just about the Vixen’s awesomeness.
It was my fellow NSO’s (non-skating officials) who were also rock solid fun.
It was my friend Black Mando who brought me a burger that was of the three cheese, medium rare, onion ring kind with a side of pickle and tater tots. Wait. I thought this was about derby. I got distracted by the yummo-licious burger. He did a fantastic job announcing the whole evening.
It was also DJ Dita Von Beats, who upon hearing my newly chosen derby name, played a little Sinnerman for me.
And of course their was an amazing band playing too! Gosh, I forgot their name. Forgive me. They were fantastic.
Okay. I mentioned my derby name. So I guess I may as well tell you what it is. Apparently, even as a NSO you need a derby name. I had to write it down on the record books. Is that like the Derby Book of Life?
I don’t know….
Peace, Love and Derby,
Nina Firecracker

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