The Results Show

Thank you to all of you who took the time to take my little survey.  You really helped me make a lot of decisions about how I am going to continue.  This blog is a love of mine but it also sucks up a lot of my time. Time I could be spending on other dreams.  This is my 180th post.  
Wha?  I know! And that doesn’t count my column for The New Citizens Press or the new writing gig for Urban Mainstream OR my guest posting at Ourselves, Reinvented!
Yes.  You are right.  That was a whole mess of shameless plugs.  Guilty as charged.
It occurred to me around post number 175 that I could have tots written a book by now. 
By the way, that is “tots” like totally not tater tots.  Thank you @Becca_Eldridge for explaining that you were not calling me a tater tot and for making me a little cooler in the lingo department.
Without further ado! The unveiling of the results of The Mother Flippin’ Experience Survey. 
How often to you visit the Mother Flippin’ Blog?
You told me that most of you visit my blog on a weekly basis or when you see something new has been posted via facebook or on your Mother Flippin’ feed.  You also implied the concern that you may be missing things when I post too often.  So in order to make you and I happy, I am only going to write 3 blog posts a week….and start dreaming up…I mean actually writing this book.
What topics do you enjoy reading the most? 
Honestly Parenting
General posts about my life
My take on Jesus
Social justice issues
Fashion, shoes and shopping
Huh, this one surprised me.  Honestly parenting, really?  I’m beginning to think you are enjoying my failings a little too much.  Give the people what they want!  If only I could help myself. ;)
Do you think Vlog posts are cool? (Video Blog Posts)?
65.2% say yes. 
34.8% say no.  
If I can think of a way to do this without looking like a complete douche it may happen.  Anything is possible.

Have you liked The Mother Flippin’ Fan Page?
88% say yes. Aww, you really like me!
12% say no.  Too much of a good thing? lol

How do you prefer to give feedback?
40% I prefer to leave comments on Facebook.
28% I prefer to leave comments on The Mother Flippin’ Blog.
28% I prefer to say nothing and stalk you quietly (fine by me).
4% I prefer to send notes via email or your contact form.
I have noticed a lot of other blogs post a certain theme for every day of the week. i.e. Wordless Wednesdays, Throat Punch Thursdays…What are your thoughts on that?
58.3% Surprise me!
41.7% Sometimes but not always
0% I wish I knew what to expect so I could avoid certain topics.
This made me SO happy.  I always read other bloggers talking about their editorial calender and I’m all like, wha? I am really good at “sometimes but not always”.
For future giveaways, what would you prefer to win? 
Gift cards
Stationary & Cards

So, from now on, I will try to have giveaways where you can win a gift card.  Clearly, you want to shop for yourself.  Also a little tidbit, I don’t pay for giveaways.  They are sponsored by PR companies or businesses.  

What is your favorite thing about the Mother Flippin’ Blog?
Some of my favorite responses…
The fact that Tashmica is an awesome feeler and thinker, and magically weaves it together in her words. It’s perfection on a bun.” ~Pretty sure this is going on the back of my future book Pretty sure I know who this is too…xoxox
Right now I am comforted by your honesty, courage and loving concern. I’m glad to know you exist in the world, and I’m glad you’re willing to share who you are and allow me to rejoice in something good” ~Something tells me others should be rejoicing in your good too.  Thanks for the encouragement.
“When I miss you and I read a post and feel like we’ve just had a conversation.” ~ I miss you too and the others that posted similar responses. You know who you are and I think I do too. :)
The rest of the responses were that hands down, honesty and humor rule the day.  
What is your least favorite thing about The Mother Flippin’ Blog? I mean, if you never saw it again, it would be too soon. :)   
Some of my favorite responses…. 

“Fashion. I’m just not really into it.” ~I am…sooo, look away! Just on those days of course. Maybe I’ll do this on a certain day so you can avoid it if you want. :)
“The comment form takes 2 or 3 clicks to load, but that’s blogger for you” ~ Girl, don’t I know it!
“Repeated requests to check out a certain organization on FB and only ’cause i don’t have time to check them all out and feel bad.”  I am going to do my best to stick to one cause a month and that will be my primary focus.  That should give all readers a month to check it out or not.  The only caveat to this is I am a little ADD so there will be other things I am interested in that I will suggest to you.  No guilt necessary.  EVAH! 
“the site layout” ~Yikes! Just read the posts for now.  Pay all of your attention to the girl behind the curtain. Someday when this blog makes me a gazzilionaire, my page is going to be above reproach.  Until then… 
“Vlogs, if you opt to do those. Because those would be harder to sneak at work than text.”~This one really cracked me up.  I will be very, very quiet if I decide to do these.
The rest of you said, “nothing”.  Good enough.  Just let me know if you hate anything I change later.  

There it is.  The people have spoken and the person has listened.  Thank you again for helping me out! 

Tashmica the inquisitive…

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