Derby Addiction

This morning I woke up and all I could think about was Roller Derby.  I just had a practice yesterday.  It was a great workout filled with learning and encouragement.  I am compiling a post for The New Citizens Press about the lessons I have learned as a Baby Vixen.  I am mostly enjoying how strong I feel afterwards.
This morning I thought of how I managed to twist my body in a fall to avoid the holy grail of sitting down, the tail bone, and landed on a butt cheek instead.  A much more…ahem…cushioned option. Complete with a smile and a thumbs up to Rock of Shove and the other skaters who asked if I was okay.
I thought about doing a 180 Knee Drop and how it made me feel like Lara Croft without the weaponry.
In this video it’s called a knee slide and turn. Somehow, I think calling it a 180 knee drop is just cooler.
I thought about the barrel roll…
I spent a lot of time thinking about where the best place to get inexpensive colorful tights, socks and shorts is.  
I thought about picking up my own gear this week at Modern Skate and Surf.
I am considering where I can practice during the week.  Maybe I’ll stop out to Edru and try not to flatten anyone as I practice my drunken sailors. Sorry. I couldn’t find a video of this one before racing off to work.  Just know that the previously mentioned fall happened during this drill.  It will be my favorite until I rock that drunken sailor!  
Don’t tell my husband…. lol
I thought of the other Derby girls who were cheering me on as I tumbled into a barrel roll or stopped myself from falling.  I thought of the tips given from the more experienced and giggles between slightly inept beginners(my category).
I most certainly have Derby on the brain.
Someone told me before I began that this sport was addictive. 
My name is Nina Firecracker and I am addicted to Roller Derby. 
*pumps fist and barrel rolls*

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