Jesus Style Peace

Lent has finally arrived. *sigh*
It has been here for four days actually, but this post was pushed aside the moment we started experiencing an epidemic of vomit in our home.
I love the Lenten season.  I feel peace floating just above my head.  I can reach up and pull it down around myself for 40 days of every year.  Sometimes I can even hold fast to it for a few weeks after Easter Sunday.
I have also been known to fill my cup with Mimosa
I am not a reflector.  I do not spend time considering the pros and cons or weighing the outcomes.  I go with my gut.  I do not sit in silence.  I fiddle with my phone.  I turn up the radio and drive past my own home distractedly singing lyrics at the top of my lungs.  I do not sit still.  I find something to fill every inch of my cup.  I will take peace but I am often more than happy to fill it with clamor, noise and distraction.
I saw someone share their snarky comment on Facebook about how we don’t need a man made religious holiday to tell us to repent, reflect and give alms.  I do though. I need God to remind me that silence is okay. I need Him to remind me that my peace to nonsense filler ratio is a bit off.  Lord knows (pun intended) I won’t do it for myself.
I won’t be giving anything in particular up for the entire 40 days.  Not that I would tell you anyway.  Isn’t that a sort of side note.  Don’t boast on your sacrificing.  
I am a huge complainer.  My sacrifice is usually less tenuous as it is keeping my mouth shut about it.
I will be entering into an open dialogue with the Prince of Peace in hopes that I can build some habits that will last longer than 40 days this time.  
If you were to interview any of my best girlfriends, my mother, shoot…anyone who can read my facebook posts, you would know that I am a mover and a shaker.  For 40 days, I want to practice being a sitter and a stayer.  I am skeptical.  I am not going to list out my ten steps to a more peaceful life. 
Like I would know them anyway?!  
I am delighted that I know Someone who does happen to know the Way. He is the Way….and the Light.
Just know that if you hear less from me in the next 36 days, know that I am seeking Jesus style peace.
Peace & Grace,

3 thoughts on “Jesus Style Peace

  1. Oh! I known at least one step you can take… deep breathing. It's really easy, you have to do it anyway, why not make it mindful? I've started focusing on my breath, yoga-style, as I nurse my twins to sleep. That's when I feel the most Lenten peace. Love it.

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