The Random Musings of a Baby Vixen

I get a thrill when I peer down into my gym bag and see these items, in no particular order;
  • lip gloss
  • wallet
  • cheetah print duct tape
  • keys
  • mouth guard
  • cell phone
Tights on clearance for $1.25 and knee high socks 5 for $10 at Target on the very same day I found out I could practice with the Vixens is seen as an omen.  Socks were purchased and their will be Hello Kitty.   
It is also important to note that I made my husband feign interest in a very limited supply of socks listed on derby clothing websites.  God that man must love me.
The next time I am asked what my name is at practice, I may just say, “Nina…Nina Firecracker.” Maybe like James Bond and maybe not, depending on my mood.
I don’t think I will ever forget how my son came up stairs and kind of nodded proudly in my direction as he said, “Your on the team“. 
I find myself daydreaming of how I am going to cut across the track this way, get lower while skating or the technique I learned to turn myself around without busting my sweet keister.  Is that how you spell keister? 
Just a few random notes I have been pondering about roller derby.  Thought you should know.
Oh and I almost forgot.  The fun of saying appropriate things that immediately sound inappropriate once they have left your lips, in no particular order;
  • I like your plow.
  • I like the way you move me.
  • I can’t wait for you to put your butt on me and make me fall.
  • Don’t pee on your skates, ladies!
I could explain what all of that means but where in the world is the fun in that?!

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