For. Ev. Er.

It has been…a time around here.  We have been flying.  We have been hopping.  I have been skating.
In other words, the Torok’s have been extremely busy.
My house looks like life threw up all over.  My car should and probably would be condemned if the authorities new about how much happy meal carnage lived under those seats.  GAK!  Even the office is left in an organized pile up from new inventory that was integrated into our stock by Lunch with a Purpose volunteers. (LOVE)
My purse is pretty well organized though.  I just switched to a new one for spring. I kind of love it.
This has me pondering my Lenten goals of finding, choosing and guarding my peace.  With the life we lead swirling around me, I am not going to be able to report to you peace like a river in my home.  There is clamor.  There are toddlers emptying out the fridge while I pick out his clothes for the day. (shameless plug for next weeks Wordless Wednesday)
Our life is not easy to make peaceful.
Personally, I have done better establishing my own boundaries but I have a feeling that *sigh* I will be working on this forever. Like forever and ever.
What’s new right?
I have been more thankful than ever lately that life is a journey because I need all the time I can get.  

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